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Precautions include avoiding handling clothing, boots or any materials that may have touched birthing animals, their young or afterbirths. Potentially contaminated clothing will be safe to handle after being washed on a hot cycle.
Retention of foetal membrane comprises lack of dehiscence and failure of expulsion of afterbirths, within the duration of physiological third stage labour (Arthur, 1975).
Defra said pregnant women should: | Not help to lamb ewes, or to provide assistance with a cow that is calving or a nanny goat that is kidding | Avoid contact with aborted or new-born lambs, calves or kids or with the afterbirth, birthing fluids or materials (eg bedding) contaminated by such birth products | Avoid handling (including washing) clothing, boots or any materials that may have come into contact with animals that have recently given birth, their young or afterbirths | nsure partners attending lambing ewes or other animals giving birth take appropriate health and hygiene precautions, including the wearing of personal protective equipment and adequate washing to remove any potential contamination.