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A deck or part of the deck located toward the stern of a vessel.


(Nautical Terms) nautical the unprotected deck behind the bridge of a ship


(ˈæf tərˌdɛk, ˈɑf-)

the weather deck of a vessel behind the bridge house or midship section.
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Noun1.afterdeck - a deck abaft of midshipsafterdeck - a deck abaft of midships    
deck - any of various platforms built into a vessel
fantail - an overhang consisting of the fan-shaped part of the deck extending aft of the sternpost of a ship


[ˈɑːftədek] Ncubierta f de popa
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Of particular note is the tiny figure of Sir Winston Churchill standing guard on the afterdeck.
My journey coincided with Remembrance Sunday and the captain and the governor held a moving service on the afterdeck.
He would ascend the gangway and disappear into the crews' accommodation on the afterdeck, so he could not be one of the ship's officers.
A large wooden platform 119 feet long had been built on the afterdeck of the Pennsylvania and a rudimentary braking system had been installed.
Escaped beyond hope, she climbs now Back over the ribs of the wrecked ship, Kneels on the crushed afterdeck, between gross Maternal coils: the scaffolding Surviving after pillage.
And, of course, there was the thrill - as a small boy - of witnessing the entire Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy steam past the Royal Yacht at high speed, with my mother and father waving to all the ships' companies from the afterdeck.