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, after-sound
n. impresión auditiva que persiste después de cesar el estímulo.
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Different schools in Japan have different cancellationcharges.What youth who are in Japan and their parents say Business Bhutan talked to several Bhutanese youth who are currently in Japan and their parents.SonamTsheringDhendup, father of JigmeLhendup who is currentlyin Japan said that his ex wife is blaming him for sendingtheir son to Japan afterhearing all the issues onsocial media and mainstreammedia about the program.
Citymagistrates ordered the indefi- nite closure of the pub on March23 afterhearing that police had been called to the premises 65 times just 14 months.
He decided to be50% partner in the hiring business and invest Rs 3 mnto buy an excavator afterhearing about the business viability from formerLyonpo.It was found that former Lyonpo had askedManavDhingra to lookfor a Bhutanese citizen,who could be used as hisfront/proxy to operate thebusiness in a legal manner.He had then approachedDiluGiri, the General Manager of Druk Hotel,Thimphu, who agreed to be the front/proxy of ManavDhingra.