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The market for parts and accessories used in the upkeep or enhancement of a previous purchase, as of a car or computer.

af′ter·mar′ket adj.


1. (Commerce) business of supplying accessories and products related to cars etc
2. (Stock Exchange) stock exchange buying and selling of shares and bonds after issue


(ˈæf tərˌmɑr kɪt, ˈɑf-)

the market for parts, accessories, etc., for maintaining the original product.


[ˈɑːftərˌmɑːrkɪt] n
(for cars)marché m des accessoires
(STOCK EXCHANGE) (for shares and bonds)marché m secondaire
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Aftermarket radio companies got to work to solve the problem, and although automobile radios remained expensive for consumers to buy and install, they began to catch on as an accessory.
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, Aftermarket eForum, Hyatt Regency O'Hare, Chicago, IL, Rich White (301) 654-6664, ext.
Profit Pro, Draper, Utah, a provider of software, information and ordering technology, has integrated the Technologue OEM database into its aftermarket electronic parts catalog, giving Profit Pro customers one source for both aftermarket and OEMinformation.
The logic goes: as more sophisticated functions like navigation and digital infotainment are integrated into head units, only OE suppliers like Delphi are going to know enough about the intricate connections to the rest of the vehicle's systems to ensure that their aftermarket offerings maintain all of the original functions.
According to the group, windshield wiper blades were the strongest sellers in the aftermarket accessories category with a 9.
Eclipsed by the production and sales of new vehicles is the industry's huge aftermarket business.
automotive hard parts aftermarket will grow from $7.