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1. The part of day from noon until dinnertime or sunset.
2. The latter part: in the afternoon of life.


a. the period of the day between noon and evening
b. (as modifier): afternoon tea.
2. a middle or later part: the afternoon of life.


(ˌæf tərˈnun, ˌɑf-)

1. the time from noon until evening.
2. the latter part: the afternoon of life.
3. pertaining to or occurring during the latter part of the day: afternoon tea.


The afternoon is the part of each day that begins at noon or lunchtime and ends at about six o'clock, or after it is dark in winter.

1. the present day

You refer to the afternoon of the present day as this afternoon.

I rang Pat this afternoon.
Can I see you this afternoon?

You refer to the afternoon of the previous day as yesterday afternoon.

Doctors operated on the injury yesterday afternoon.

You refer to the afternoon of the next day as tomorrow afternoon.

I'll be home tomorrow afternoon.
2. single events in the past

If you want to say that something happened during a particular afternoon in the past, you use on.

Olivia was due to arrive on Friday afternoon.
The box was delivered on the afternoon before my departure.

If you have been describing what happened during a particular day, you can then say that something happened that afternoon or in the afternoon.

That afternoon I phoned Bill.
I left Walsall in the afternoon and went by bus to Nottingham.

If you are talking about a day in the past and you want to mention that something had happened during the afternoon of the day before, you say that it had happened the previous afternoon.

He had spoken to me the previous afternoon.

If you want to say that something happened during the afternoon of the next day, you say that it happened the following afternoon.

I arrived at the village the following afternoon.
3. talking about the future

If you want to say that something will happen during a particular afternoon in the future, you use on.

The meeting will be on Wednesday afternoon.

If you are already talking about a day in the future, you can say that something will happen in the afternoon.

We will arrive at Pisa early in the morning, then in the afternoon we will go on to Florence.

If you are talking about a day in the future and you want to say that something will happen during the afternoon of the next day, you say that it will happen the following afternoon.

You leave on Thursday, arriving in Cairo at 9.45pm, then fly on to Luxor the following afternoon.
4. regular events

If something happens or happened regularly every afternoon, you say that it happens or happened in the afternoon or in the afternoons.

He is usually busy in the afternoons.
In the afternoon he would take a nap.

If you want to say that something happens regularly once a week during a particular afternoon, you use on followed by the name of a day of the week and afternoons.

She plays tennis on Saturday afternoons.

In informal English, you can use afternoons without 'on' or 'in'.

She worked afternoons at her parents' shop.
5. exact times

If you have mentioned an exact time and you want to make it clear that you are talking about the afternoon rather than the early morning, you add in the afternoon.

We arrived at three in the afternoon.
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Noun1.afternoon - the part of the day between noon and eveningafternoon - the part of the day between noon and evening; "he spent a quiet afternoon in the park"
daylight, daytime, day - the time after sunrise and before sunset while it is light outside; "the dawn turned night into day"; "it is easier to make the repairs in the daytime"
midafternoon - the middle part of the afternoon
2.afternoon - a conventional expression of greeting or farewellafternoon - a conventional expression of greeting or farewell
farewell, word of farewell - an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting
greeting, salutation - (usually plural) an acknowledgment or expression of good will (especially on meeting)
بَعْدَ الظُهْرزواليهاجريبعد الزوال
eftirmiðdagurseinnipartursíðdegisíîdegi, eftirmiîdagur
buổi chiều


A. Ntarde f
good afternoon!¡buenas tardes!
in the afternoonpor la tarde
(in the) afternoons he's generally outpor las tardes en general no está
B. CPD afternoon performance Nfunción f de la tarde
afternoon tea N (Brit) → merienda f


naprès-midi m or f
He stayed there all afternoon → Il y est resté tout l'après-midi.
3 o'clock in the afternoon → trois heures de l'après-midi
this afternoon → cet après-midi
on Saturday afternoon → samedi après-midi
yesterday afternoon → hier après-midi
tomorrow afternoon → demain après-midi
good afternoon! (greeting)bonjour!; (saying goodbye)au revoir!
modif [session, visit, shift] → de l'après-midi; [sun] → de l'après-midi
afternoon nap → sieste f
afternoon performance [play] → matinée fafternoon tea (British) nthé m (de cinq heures)


nNachmittag m; in the afternoon, afternoons (esp US) → am Nachmittag, nachmittags; at three o’clock in the afternoon(um) drei Uhr nachmittags; on Sunday afternoon(am) Sonntagnachmittag; on Sunday afternoonssonntagnachmittags or sonntags nachmittags, am Sonntagnachmittag; on the afternoon of December 2ndam Nachmittag des 2. Dezember, am 2. Dezember nachmittags; this/tomorrow/yesterday afternoonheute/morgen/gestern Nachmittag; good afternoon!Guten Tag!; afternoon!Tag! (inf)
adj attrNachmittags-; afternoon performanceNachmittagsvorstellung f


[ˈɑːftəˈnuːn] npomeriggio
in the afternoon → nel or di pomeriggio
at 3 o'clock in the afternoon → alle 3 del pomeriggio
good afternoon! → buon giorno!


(aːftəˈnuːn) noun
the time between morning and evening. tomorrow afternoon; He works for us three afternoons a week; Tuesday afternoon; (also adjective) afternoon tea.


بَعْدَ الظُهْر odpoledne eftermiddag Nachmittag απόγευμα tarde iltapäivä après-midi poslijepodne pomeriggio 午後 오후 middag ettermiddag popołudnie tarde день eftermiddag ตอนบ่าย öğleden sonra buổi chiều 下午


n tarde f
References in classic literature ?
The two were walking in the fields on a summer afternoon and had stopped to sit upon a grassy bank.
Everything is packed, and as I have a few personal matters to attend to I think I'll take the afternoon off.
Months afterward Jim Burden arrived at my apartment one stormy winter afternoon, with a bulging legal portfolio sheltered under his fur overcoat.
This she had thought nothing of, though she was surprised when he did not join her later in the afternoon, when she went down to the beach.
Friday afternoon was always the time chosen for dialogues, songs, and recitations, but it cannot be stated that it was a gala day in any true sense of the word.
The afternoon was even lovelier and busier than the morning had been.
Wemmick's Walworth sentiments, I devoted the next ensuing Sunday afternoon to a pilgrimage to the Castle.
She knows my whims,--knows that the extra knife and fork are for the fairy knight that may turn up any afternoon, as I tell her--"
Of all the gloomy features of that gloomy afternoon, this obvious anxiety on the part of Long John appeared the worst.
SHE set off on a fine spring afternoon along the cart- road that leads over the hill.
It would seem that these giants spent the earlier part of the afternoon in going to and fro, transferring everything from the second and third cylinders--the second in Addle- stone Golf Links and the third at Pyrford--to their original pit on Horsell Common.
GRANDFATHER had been sitting in his old arm-chair all that pleasant afternoon, while the children were pursuing their various sports far off or near at hand, Sometimes you would have said, "Grandfather is asleep;" hut still, even when his eyes were closed, his thoughts were with the young people, playing among the flowers and shrubbery of the garden.