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(ˈæf tərˌtæks, ˈɑf-)

remaining after applicable taxes have been deducted: a person's aftertax income.
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The company had a $22.7 million loss from continuing operations in the prior-year quarter, reflecting a net of $49.5 million, aftertax, in special items.
CPAs can recommend clients also set aside funds in other aftertax investment vehicles.
The study's basis for comparison is the aftertax cost of start-up and operation for 12 specific types of business over a ten-year span.
For investment abroad, they find large estimated tax elasticities of real capital to aftertax rates of return of about 1.5 in 1984 and of close to 3 in 1992.
A previously disclosed aftertax restructuring charge in the fourth quarter of $187 million, plus one earlier 1994 gain and two 1993 charges, resulted in profits tripling to $158 million from $51 million.
saw it aftertax operating loss swell to $163 million, a figure including a $110 million charge for estimated losses on the sale of Pay'n Save, Bi-Mart, and the sporting goods chains.
* Payments for coverage through a state health insurance exchange are made on an aftertax basis, so choosing to buy your own policy rather than enrolling in your employer's plan may increase your income tax obligation.
With that, pretax earnings from continuing operations tumbled 26.9% to $41.6 million, while aftertax earnings from ongoing lines slid 25% to $25.8 million.
Taxpayers make contributions with nondeductible aftertax dollars, so beneficiary withdrawals of principal contributions are tax-free.
They find that even radical modifications, such as raising the value added tax from 18 percent to 25 percent, or substituting a 20 percent flat tax for the current progressive income tax, have only a slight effect on the aftertax distribution of income.
If he takes his benefits before age 70, he will pay tax and spend, save, or give away the aftertax amount.
Excluding $1.1 million in aftertax gains on aircraft exchanges in the 2010 quarter, earnings would have declined 7.2% from $26.5 million.