against the clock

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Adv.1.against the clock - as fast as possibleagainst the clock - as fast as possible; before a deadline; "it was a race against the clock"
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A big crowd was in attendance as Qahtani, who has been fine-tuning his showjumping in the national Hathab series, showed great form combining with his trusted mount for a flawless and effortless routine of Table A, One round against the clock, Art.
At the outdoor arena of Qatar Equestrian Federation, al-Qahtani and Cassander Van Het Bremhof were in sync during their routine to top the Table A, One round against the clock, Art.
International jumping competition against the clock (1.
But you're against the clock and under the pressure of a set number of moves, so things won't always go swimmingly.
The Cyprus Trail Runners, an amateur sports team, are challenging everyone on Saturday to race against the clock.
Valcke raised a number of concerns over stadiums in Natal, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo as they race against the clock to be completed in time for the start of the World Cup on June 12.
Competing in both the Gold and Silver Tours at the show in Arezzo, the UK Sport lottery-funded World Class Development rider enjoyed a win in the 1m35 Table A Against the Clock Gold Tour class with Zorland, owned by Michael Whitaker, finishing just ahead of Italy's Biococchi and Swiss rider Schmid.
Ali bin Hamid al-Saeedi, General Secretary of OCC and Tournament Director talked about the technical aspects and said that the tournament includes an 18 km individual race against the clock to juniors, youth for 25 km and adult for 35 km.
Drivers will be tested for memory and car-handling skills while they pit their wits against several tests as they navigate the twisting course against the clock.
Class 2 Junior 2: Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa Jumping Challenge class -- 90/100cm against the clock.
Runner-up in Beijing four years ago, Pooley (above) is among the favourites on the 29km pedal-off against the clock at Hampton Court.
5-km race against the clock from Arc-et-Senans to Besancon.