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A band or series of cords used to hold a keffiyeh in place on the head.

[Colloquial Arabic , from Arabic 'iqāl, cord for hobbling a camel, agal, from 'aqala, to confine, hobble; see ʕql in Semitic roots.]
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Noun1.agal - a cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyehagal - a cord (usually of goat's hair) that Arabs (especially Bedouins) wind around their heads to hold down the kaffiyeh
cord - a line made of twisted fibers or threads; "the bundle was tied with a cord"
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Dubai: Most people are familiar with the 'agal', a band-like accessory used to secure the ghotra (white headdress) worn by Emirati men.
Killed were Ibrahim Agal, 50, his children Muhammad, 18, and Sarah, 9; and nephews Pama, 10, and Mustafa, 12.
At one point, he takes off his agal (the black rope used to secure men's head dresses) and begins beating her with it.
A livewire performer, Mika, who turned 38 on Wednesday, is known for a wide variety of hits he has given to Bollywood like ' Sawan mein lag gaye aag' , ' Mauja hi mauja, ' Dhanno', ' Dhinka chika', ' Desi beat', ' Subah hone na de', ' Pungi', ' Chinta ta ta' and ' Main tere agal bagal hun'.
work the it in agal, have Putin and fellow martial artist Seagal, who has Russian roots, were said to have met in Moscow months earlier.
He performed on "Agal Bagal" and "Party Toh Banti Hai" song.
The Emirati was seen repeatedly hitting the Asian driver with his agal. The van driver did not defend himself.
The article took as its centrepiece the ongoing imprisonment of five men, one of whom is an American citizen, for their participation in the YouTube video, " Ultimate Combat System: The Deadly SatwaGs ." Appropriately, the most dangerous weapon in the fictional martial art (after a sandal and an agal) is a smart phone, specifically its twitter capabilities.
Singh then emerged on stage singing 'Tu teray agal bagal hai' followed by 'Lal meri pat'.