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 (ə-găm′ə-spûr′mē, ăg′ə-mō-)
n. Botany
The asexual production of seeds without the occurrence of fertilization.

[From Greek agamos, unmarried; see agamic + Greek sperma, seed; see sperm1.]

a·gam′o·sperm′ous (-spûr′məs) adj.
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(Botany) botany formation of seeds in the absence of fertilization; a form of apomixis
[C19: agamic + Greek sperma seed]
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The mating system has been studied in at least 52 species within the Cactaceae and of these outcrossers are highly represented (39 species) followed by mixed mating systems (19 species) and one agamospermous species.
AFLP variation in agamospermous and dioecious bluegrasses of Western North America.
The three species are agamospermous and exhibit a high level of male sterility, as measured by their low pollen viability.
Some 2000 Ruderalia microspecies have been described, which are all apomictic (also called agamospermous) triploids (2n = 24).