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 (ä′gə-rōs′, -rōz′, ăg′ə-)
A polysaccharide obtained from agar that is the most widely used medium for gel electrophoresis procedures.

[agar + -ose.]


a polysaccharide gelatinous substance usually extracted from agar, used mainly in agarose gel electrophoresis and in microbial cultures


(ˈɑ gəˌroʊs, -ˌroʊz)

a substance obtained from agar and used for chromatographic separations.
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Agarose-based gel filtration media: beaded 4% or 6% agarose gel, and the same, cross-linked; fractionation range of molecular mass 6 x [10.
5% BSA/ MFSW in plastic petri dishes unlined by an agarose cushion fall to undergo chorion expansion and die after 3 or 4 days.
Various techniques, including agarose gel electrophoresis or DNA hybridization with calorimetric or chemiluminescent detection, can detect the PCR products.
Step three was to run an agarose gel electrophoresis.
The hypocotyl showed more DNA agarose bands than hypocotyl groups under drought stress.
Tardis - an acronym for "trapped in agarose DNA immunostaining" - allows doctors to get an inside view of cancer cells and see if the drugs used to attack them are working.
He varies the density by varying the initial amount of agarose in his solution.
Quotation are invited for purchase of material, CAO, Dean COVS, GADVASU, Ludhiana (16 February 2018) 1 M7122 Go Taq Green Master Mix 2 A1120 Wizard Genomic DNA Purification Kit 3 Desalted Oligos 25nmol 4 V2111 Agarose, Low melting Point, Analytical Grade 5 M8295 Go Taq Flexi DNA Polymerase 6 U1515 dNTP Mix 7 H1181 Diamond Nucleic Acid Dye
Agarose is a complex carbohydrate, or long branching chain of sugar molecules, roughly similar in structure to the carbohydrates found in substances such as edible gelatine used in making flavored desserts.
Benchmark Scientific's EZ Pack Agarose Tablets eliminate the hands-on time and mess associated with weighing loose agarose.