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 (ā′gär-wo͝od′, ä′-)

[Hindi agar, from Prakrit agaru, from Sanskrit agaruḥ, agaru; akin to Tamil and Malayalam akil.]
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I would like to request the government to legalize the farming of sandalwood, agarwood etc.
A Cambodian company is teaming up with a Thai investment partner to spend $100 million improving the quality of Cambodia's agarwood trees, according to a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies yesterday.
Notable hotel openings that are confirmed for 2018 include Shaza Salalah and Agarwood.
For over 2,000 years, locals have used sandalwood, amber, musk and roses oud, or agarwood to create mesmerising scents.
The agreement comes in line with iOud's new distribution model for business sector contracts, where new partnerships will provide more distribution solutions and enhance the company's ability to meet the ever-rising demand for the wonderful aroma of pure agarwood.
Nevertheless, there are been a consistent growth of bukhoors thanks to well established products such as Raqiya, agarwood, oils and oudh moattars at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 8 per cent.
An eco-lifestyle resort under the Agarwood brand is being built near the mall.
Dark, mysterious and sexy would describe Matiere Noire, an ideal tropical scent that's a blend of Laotian agarwood and patchouli.
Discover the world of Dahn Al Oudhs, Indian Attar and Mukhallats from the House of Ajmal as well as the finest and rarest Agarwoods -- each sourced from the multi-varied exotic Agarwood forests from around the world
Also on display are paintings, ethnic costumes, agarwood, tea and traditional decorations from India.