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Noun1.age class - people in the same age rangeage class - people in the same age range  
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
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In this study we use herb-chronology, the aging of herbaceous individuals by counting annual growth rings in their perennial woody belowground taproot, to evaluate if mowing frequency influences population age structure, number of stems by age class, and number of flowering stems by age class.
When an individual age class is divided into thirds based on antler size, this harvest strategy appears to be effective if you target the lower third of your bucks.
Those that triumphed were Anne Straube who won the W40 age class and Sheila Carey who was first on the W70 course.
Dave McQuillen ran the green course and was rewarded with 27th place out of 127 finishers, second in his age class. Jane McQuillen ran short green and finished 41st and fourth in her age class.
Authors have compared growing stock, increment, age class distribution and removals (fellings) statistics from the above defined data sources and have evaluated probable reasons for differences and pros and cons using particular data sources for policy decision-making.
Two hundred ninety-nine are entered in the 40-44 age class, including 266 in the men's side, while 280, including 257 in the men's, are entered in the 45-49 category.
Such species may possess an iteroparous life history which means that individuals in several age classes of the population are fertile, or they may possess a semelparous life history which is characterized by the property that only individuals of the last age class are fertile.
In the winter sample, animals of Age Class III, IV and V were dominant, while in the spring sample, animals of Age Class IV and V were predominant.
The objective of this study was to investigate the importance of selection on age class and sex in relation to VIM.
He won his weight and age class and also set Scottish records in all his lifts.
Many outfitters are mandating that you not harvest any bucks under a certain age class. For me, once I identify a buck, my mind/eyes focus on the three B's: back, belly, and butt.