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Noun1.age class - people in the same age rangeage class - people in the same age range  
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
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Competing away in the sunshine in the Gran Canaria 2017 international event, Sophie Kirk (W21) was seventh and fourth respectively in the long and middle distance events in her age class.
He won his weight and age class and also set Scottish records in all his lifts.
Many outfitters are mandating that you not harvest any bucks under a certain age class.
The aerial survey does not provide recruitment estimates as only a proportion of individuals are observed during the survey are classified to sex or age class due to the potential for disturbance caused by the aircraft needing to fly low to accurately perform these classifications (J.
Rather, a steady diet of quality protein, such as soybean vegetation that's readily available throughout the Midwest or areas with good food plots, and a good source of trace minerals are the ingredients that allow bucks to express their maximum antler growth potential for their age class.
05) in the proportion of harvested bulls within each age class between 1980-1987 and 2005-2009, and the relatively stable proportion of mature bulls (>5 years old) in the harvest across time periods (30-44%) does not suggest selective harvest of older, trophy bulls.
2 (SAS Institute, Incorporated, Cary, North Carolina) to find if the mean geographic separation between sibs of dyads captured in a specific time period or age class differed significantly from the mean separation in sib dyads captured in each other time period or age class.
However, the biomass of the population derived from mixed age class stocking were slightly lower than the population derived from young-of-year fish.