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Noun1.age norm - the average age at which particular performances are expected to appearage norm - the average age at which particular performances are expected to appear
average, norm - a statistic describing the location of a distribution; "it set the norm for American homes"
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"A distinctive feature of this type of intervention is to create a "NEO" channel of the dura mater larger than 1/3 of the age norm medullary canal and to fix interrupted sutures to avoid corrugation at its formation," the statement said.
For each child this number was associated with one of the four performance levels proposed by Fotekova (2000): 100-80% success = Level IV, which corresponds to the age norm; 79.9-65% = Level III, corresponding to a slight delay in speech development; 64.9%-45% = Level I, corresponding to a pronounced delay in speech development; and 44.9% and below = Level I, considered to indicate a severe delay in speech development.
In contrast, other artists choose to move off the public stage as they age beyond what many would consider the age norm for their professions.
Brittain, children progress through stages of development in their artwork in predictable ways, with wide variations within an age norm or stage.
This plus a separate regulation on speed control alarms for private vehicles will drive the new age norms in 2018, said auto industry experts.
Neugarten and colleagues considered age norms in regulating the life course [19].
This means that having children is possibly driven by age norms about spacing, or by institutional incentives to have children closer in age (i.e., paying less to have the second child in the same childcare facility).
Lezak (1987) reviewed the ten most commonly used American tests and found that adequate age norms for older people were virtually non-existent.
Parekh et al., "Birth weight for gestational age norms for a large cohort of infants born to HIV-negative women in Botswana compared with norms for US-born black infants," BMC Pediatrics, vol.
Age trends and age norms for the NEO personality inventory-3 in adolescents and adults.