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1. Seeming never to grow old or to show the effects of time: "Our sporting heroes often strike us as ageless. We remember them in their prime, their faces unblemished" (Neal Bascomb).
2. Existing forever; eternal: "He was merely a participant in some ageless ritual that had preceded him by centuries" (Elizabeth Gilbert).

age′less·ly adv.
age′less·ness n.


in an ageless manner
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The ever-evolving transformation embodies the resort's character agelessly, blending the legendary past with the relevance of a coastal Southern California lifestyle.
Thiem, who broke into the top 10 last year, might be a household name already, were it not for that pesky 35-year-old Roger Federer and the other trio of titans who agelessly continue to rule the sport.
She is gorgeous, agelessly and naturally, even bundled in sweater and jeans against a raw winter day in a sandwich shop near her Manhattan apartment.
But Houston has its beauty spots--the agelessly high-modern Menil museum with its greensward campus, for example, or the boulevards of live oaks in my own Rice University neighborhood--and its unplanned nature allows a Cagean principle of chance and quirky surprise to operate freely.
The bravest of these stories is 'Jim Dandy', in which yet another of Kelman's agelessly young men is alone while his wife is in recovering in the maternity ward.
Sparkling agelessly among the highpoints of Hindi cinema in the sixties, 'Aradhana', a landmark movie of its time, notched a cinematic crest for director Shakti Samanta.