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1. Seeming never to grow old or to show the effects of time: "Our sporting heroes often strike us as ageless. We remember them in their prime, their faces unblemished" (Neal Bascomb).
2. Existing forever; eternal: "He was merely a participant in some ageless ritual that had preceded him by centuries" (Elizabeth Gilbert).

age′less·ly adv.
age′less·ness n.
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Noun1.agelessness - the quality of being timeless and eternal
immutability, immutableness, fixity - the quality of being incapable of mutation; "Darwin challenged the fixity of species"
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Together, the effect of vitamin C and antioxidants can really improve the look, feel, and agelessness of your skin.
By keeping the two separate, we can attempt to evade the existential reality of our embodied temporality in order to maintain a personal myth of agelessness (Miller 2001).
Acknowledging that the winter of life can bring losses that shake us to our core, Stewart reveals eleven gifts that only reach their fullest expression when we become elders: agelessness, authenticity, compassion, contentment, courage, creativity, necessary fierceness, remembrance, self-transcending generosity, simplicity, and wisdom -- all characteristic of a fully developed human being.
"Olive-green is interesting though, because it adds a flavor of classicality and agelessness to 'nature's essence,' due to the added level of 'insight' coming from yellow.
Ted Hughes' contemplation of time's agelessness as manifested in a place, in the poem Pibroch, presents a new way of looking at the universe.
Still on the theme of agelessness and wellness, my good friend and wellness practitioner Rosan Cruz is conducting a series of wellness workshops and treatments at The Siam Bangkok's tranquil sanctuary, Opium Spa.
As an evergreen tree that can seemingly live forever, it is the symbol of elegance, agelessness and longevity - of the triumph of life over the forces of evil.
(VI) On the one hand, it is perhaps the privilege of Latin authors to appear "less remote." Lewis's style of translation highlights the tension between a seeming agelessness of Latin and the connection between individual compositions and a fixed time and place.
It behoves us, clinicians and lay people alike, to practise letting go of the unrealistic expectations of agelessness and immortality in preparation for the "big letting go".
The pursuit of wellness, increasingly tied to the pursuit of beauty and agelessness, stands at the heart of the current zeitgeist.
Although the agelessness could have been explored more -- Adaline's main regret is that she hasn't been able to fall in love for so long, and the film never really offers an insight into other facets of this condition -- it certainly provokes thought from the viewer that perhaps growing old isn't so bad, and we should appreciate what we do have around us rather than thinking about the future.