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"The first business on the agenda paper," said McGinty, "is to read the following letter from Division Master Windle of Merton County Lodge 249.
Meanwhile," he glanced at his agenda paper, "I have one or two more points to bring before the meeting.
It will be an ill day for you, Brother Morris, when your own name comes on our agenda paper, and I'm thinking that it's just there that I ought to place it."
'Basically, the projects and the proposed policies will be based on the comprehensive development plan and will be anchored on the 10-point agenda of the mayor,' Ivan Cortez, head of the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO), told Times yesterday at the sidelines of the department heads meeting at the city hall.
The House Speaker Borjana KriA!to (Croat Democratic Union - HDZ BiH) terminated the session because there was no majority from the entity of Republika Srpska when voting on the agenda of the emergency session took place on the issue of judiciary and migration.
However, despite women lawmakers' remarkable contributions to agenda, their business suffered from neglect in the lower house.
Cabinet will be briefed upon implementation of government reforms agenda.
The call was made by Minister for International Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Unity Dow at the official closing of the African Union Commission ministerial follow-up committee meeting on the implementation of the agenda in Gaborone on March 6.
This space allows researchers to observe the agenda-setting process, as media organizations strive to safeguard their long-established position as mediators between the political agenda and the public agenda, while political actors become more conscious of the potential of their online presence.
Hence, this (Bumiputera) agenda is not a racial agenda, but a national agenda,' Muhyiddin said.
Speaking with newsmen shortly after attending 95th General Church Council of the Church of Christ in All Nations (COCIN) in Jos, Plateau, the Minister of Sport said other zones in the country have agenda of what they want adding that the North Central has refused to come up with their position on salient national issues bordering on survival and wellbeing of the zone .