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Absence or incomplete development of an organ or body part.


(eɪˈdʒɛnɪsɪs) or


1. (Pathology) (of an animal or plant) imperfect development
2. (Pathology) impotence or sterility
agenetic adj


(eɪˈdʒɛn ə sɪs)

also a•ge•ne•sia

(ˌeɪ dʒəˈni ʒə)

absence or failed development of a body part.
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Noun1.agenesis - imperfect developmentagenesis - imperfect development; nondevelopment of a part
nondevelopment - failure of normal development to occur


n. agénesis, agenesia.
1. defecto congénito en el desarrollo de un órgano o parte del cuerpo;
2. esterilidad; impotencia.
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6%) were found to have corpus callosum agenesis (Fig.
About 70% of suprainguinal ectopic scrotums are associated with ipsilateral upper tract anomalies, like renal agenesis, renal dysplasia and ectopic ureter.
Unilateral renal agenesis was found in 38% of cases and ectopic pregnancy occurred in 22%.
Besides the visa-free entry to Dubai and Istanbul, various offers by travel agenesis and the reasonable hotel charges were the top motivators, Mohammad Al-Tasabahji, director of a tourism and travel agency was quoted as saying by Kuna.
Many factors contributed to the high turnout of Kuwaitis traveling to Dubai and Istanbul, including the short period of the Spring break, various offers by travel agenesis, besides the visa-free entry to those cities as well as the reasonable accommodation fees, Mohammad Al-Tasabahji, Director of a tourism and travel agency said.
There is agenesis or dysgenesis of the cerebellar vermis and isthmic portion of the brainstem.
It was at the hospital where his daughter Georgina Louise Weaver died on May 31 from the rare birth defect tracheal agenesis, which meant she was born without a windpipe.
Marie, who suffers from agenesis of the left arm, became the first athlete to complete all five events at one Alpine Skiing World Championships, at the age of 19.
Agenesis of the sphenoid sinuses is a very rarely encountered anatomic variation.
The absence of Tc-99m pertechnetate uptake in the expected position or in an ectopic site usually confirms agenesis.