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n, pl agents-general
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a representative in London of a Canadian province or an Australian state


n., pl. a•gents-gen•er•al.
1. a chief representative.
2. a person sent to England from a British dominion to represent the interests of the dominion.
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That he was chased to my door by his own Agent-General in a motor; that they turned my study into a Cabinet Meeting which I was not invited to attend; that the local telegraph all but broke down beneath the strain of hundred word coded cables; and that I practically broke into the house of a stranger to get him telephonic facilities on a Sunday, are things I overlook.
"D'you mind my having the Agent-General to dinner again tonight?
The Agent-General arrived two hours later, a patient and expostulating person, visibly torn between the pulling Devil of a rampant Colony, and the placid Baker of a largely uninterested England.
"It was the middle of the house-party season," said the Agent-General mildly.
The Agent-General interposed with agent-generalities (but they were merely provocateurs) about Ties of Sentiment.
Thank you!" said the Agent-General. "That's what I am always trying to tell my people."
"Will you take him to Lord Lundie's to-morrow?" said the Agent-General promptly.
I'm going home," said the Agent-General, and departed.
"The document," Trent said, "is signed by the King and witnessed by Captain Francis, who is Agent-General out here, or something of the sort, for the English Government.
FATA is already ruled from a distance, as the federal government exercises its powers through an Agent-General, who is ex officio the KP Governor.
The collaboration between PPetual Holdings, Stretton Centre, City of Playford, SA Water, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Environmental Protection Authority South Australia, the Office of the Agent-General and IASA to achieve this result.a
Observing the unsettled situation, Nawaz Osman appointed Mushtaq Sahib as his agent-general [ambassador] to Pakistan.

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