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Of or relating to a linguistic form or construction that indicates an agent or agency, as the suffix -er in singer.
An agentive form or construction.


(ˈeɪdʒəntɪv) ,




1. (Grammar) (in some inflected languages) denoting a case of nouns, etc, indicating the agent described by the verb
2. (Linguistics) (of a speech element) indicating agency: '-er' in 'worker' is an agentive suffix.
a. the agentive case
b. a word or element in the agentive case


(ˈeɪ dʒən tɪv)

1. of or designating a linguistic form or case that indicates the doer or causer of an action.
2. an agentive word or suffix, as the suffix -er in painter.
3. the agentive case.


[ˈeɪdʒəntɪv] N (Gram) → agentivo m
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shooter (instrument) [+dynamic ([i], [ ])])] [+material, +dynamic, -animate ([R-i], -er shoot Thus, the difference in meaning between an agentive and an instrumental meaning of a -er nominal is captured by the addition of the feature [+animate] or [-animate] to the basic skeleton in context.
She covers theoretical considerations, comedy and parody, comedy and parody in contemporary Afro Caribbean performances, performance poetry and drama, and agentive and situational dialect use: place and identity in and beyond stage performance.
When you call us immoral for interacting with male students or call boys 'casanova' for having female friends, you teach them that women are objects to be owned and showed off by men, not agentive human beings.
Consistent with other studies that have found media production and music as potent vehicles for authoring agentive selves amid competing discourse (Hull & Katz, 2006; Brader & Luke, 2013), this study shows the mediational potentials of sound to negotiate and articulate diverse social positions.
Overall, all these intelligentsia together painted a full picture of the agentive self-cultivated wenqi ([phrase omitted]), which comprises a writer's self-motivated and active collection (jiqi [phrase omitted]) and cultivation/refinement (xiulian [phrase omitted]) of one's physical, mental, and psychological wenqi (Liu Xie), cognitive and intellectual wenqi (Zhang Xuecheng), spiritual and ethical wenqi/wende (Liu Xie; Han Yu; Su Che).
"Blackvision" must be a long vision (Madhubuti, 1978), but with inherent immediate, agentive applications (Azibo, in review b).
A growing body of scholarship examines children and youth as agentive actors in transnational processes, focusing largely on those who have themselves migrated or, alternatively, on children 'left behind' in their parents' country of origin (Orellana et al.
In this case, TEs' research commitments impact their pedagogies and practices of teacher education, and they could be more conscious and agentive about the choices they make when designing the activities of teacher education.
No wonder then that Pakistani Anglophone writing features diverse female characters ranging from traditional, passive and suppressed to liberal, assertive and agentive. Most significantly, the diversity among such writers depends on the national and international political contexts that inform the representations of female characters in their work.
This article shows how the emerging research paradigm of "ecologies of urbanism" can be read in a broad and expansive sense to include spiritual beings and their agentive forces.
Not only did students often describe the opportunities and freedom they found agentive in their meaningful writing "in contrast to the rest of their schooling" (p.
These examples emphasize that agentive configurations