n. pl. a·gent·ries
The office or functions of an agent.


the duty or activity of an agent


(ˈeɪ dʒən tri)
the profession, business, or activities of an agent.
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Bernays said: "Some people just use public relations as a euphemism for press agentry. A firm sends articles or press releases to newspapers to win favour for the client and it usually ends up in the trash.
Grunig(1983) proposed public relation models, one of the PR models, Press Agentry or Publicity model indicates one way communication, where sender only transmits messages for receivers.
Others insist on PR as just being publicity or as others call press agentry, failing to understand that there is more to PR than press relations and seeding.
The existing conditions of PR field in Pakistan are analyzed in this qualitative study by investigating the consumption of four PR models (press agentry, public information, two-way asymmetrical and two-way symmetrical) proposed by Grunig and Hunt (1984).
The primary maternal outcome was a composite of cesarean delivery; hypertensive disorder of pregnancy; postpartum hemorrhage; chorioamnionitis; postpartum infection; labor pain; and the Labour Agentry Scale, a midwife-created measure of a laboring woman's perception of her birth experience.
Zaistenie servisnej podpory SW aplikci v IS PPA je nevyhnutn pre udranie akreditcie platobnej agentry, ktor zaistuje distribciu financnch prostriedkov v rmci spolocnej polnohospodrskej politiky E a nrodnch dotacnch titulov.
This information function is similar to Grunig and Hunt's (1984) press agentry and public information models, which emphasize the historical and necessary function of disseminating information to publics in public relations.
While press agentry is seen at the bottom of Grunig's (1984) model, and the most primitive form of PR in his view, for a large part of PR's recent history, working with the media as a press agent was an important part of a practitioner's role.
The Press Agentry Model (Model 1) and The Public Information Model (Model 2), relate to oneway communication from organisations to their publics and do not involve research for the development of messages (Mahoney, 2008).
Singer), though he was said by his detractors to be a sexist and an anti-Semite, though he was blind in one eye and tired quickly, he was coaxed by a friend into reading Fear of Flying, and he responded with a torrent of applause, enthusiasm, and unpaid agentry. Many of my foreign publishers were a gift of his enthusiasms.
How are we developing our skills in leadership, change agentry, technology, and interprofessional collaboration to help guide the transformation of health care?
The inclusion of multilogical voices illustrates curricular inquiry "in an effort to showcase the dialectic between educators, their curricular approaches, and forces that seek to undermine agentry for democratic learning opportunities" (William-White, et al., 2013, p.