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v. ag·glu·ti·nat·ed, ag·glu·ti·nat·ing, ag·glu·ti·nates
1. To cause to adhere, as with glue.
2. Linguistics To form (words) by combining words or words and word elements.
3. Biology To cause (cells or particles) to clump together.
1. To join together into a group or mass.
2. Linguistics To form words by agglutination.
3. Biology To clump together; undergo agglutination.
n. (-ĭt)

[Latin agglūtināre, agglūtināt- : ad-, ad- + glūtināre, to glue (from glūten, glue).]

ag·glu′ti·nant adj. & n.


adj (Ling) → agglutinierend
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It is a question of assuming the editorial work not only in the daily readings of the receipt, assessment and publication of the proposals, but also to take advantage of this privileged condition of agglutinating researchers who submit their work to direct, underline and create new looks for relevant variables in the educational field.
The agglutinating benthic fauna is comprised mainly of three genera, Gaudryina, Arenobulimina and Ataxophragmium.
Although few data on the infection by the parasite in tapirs is available, the modified agglutinating test (MAT) has already been used to identify antibodies in captive and free-living individuals of this species (NAVEDA et al.
This antibody reacts with all (or nearly all) adult red cells and is called cold agglutinating auto antibody (CAA).
Both of the Wright and Coombs Wright tests measure the total amount of agglutinating IgM and IgG antibodies but any agglutination that occurs in 2ME test, is caused by IgG antibodies because of IgG resistance to action of 2ME.
It should be noted that when agglutinating with Leptospiral sera, the IHT titer with diagnosticums based on Boivin antigen was two times higher than with diagnosticums based on Westphal antigen, except antisera for serogroups Canicola, Pyrogenes, Autumnalis, and Grippotyphosa.
Laboratory Diagnosis: Leptospira consist of a group of pathogenic leptospires, Leptospira interrogans sensu lato and non-pathogenic leptospires, Leptospira biflexa sensu lato (10) within each species, large number of serovars are differentiated using polyclonal agglutinating antibodies.
This glass microfiber media combines a unique binder system and agglutinating chemistry to yield clear plasma from whole blood in ratio previously only attainable by centrifugation.
Adenoviruses from humans and animals were initially classified by differences in their agglutinating erythrocytes; now, however, they are often classified by sequence and phylogenetic analyses of their respective genes (2).
The minimum agglutinating activity of the Pea lectin was found to be 8[micro]g/m1 for rat red blood cells.