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v. ag·glu·ti·nat·ed, ag·glu·ti·nat·ing, ag·glu·ti·nates
1. To cause to adhere, as with glue.
2. Linguistics To form (words) by combining words or words and word elements.
3. Biology To cause (cells or particles) to clump together.
1. To join together into a group or mass.
2. Linguistics To form words by agglutination.
3. Biology To clump together; undergo agglutination.
n. (-ĭt)

[Latin agglūtināre, agglūtināt- : ad-, ad- + glūtināre, to glue (from glūten, glue).]

ag·glu′ti·nant adj. & n.


adj (Ling) → agglutinierend
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Adenoviruses from humans and animals were initially classified by differences in their agglutinating erythrocytes; now, however, they are often classified by sequence and phylogenetic analyses of their respective genes (2).
coli Latex kit O157:H7 (<< Statens Serum Institute >>, Copenhague, Danemark) and the agglutinating colonies were further processed for definite confirmation [23].
SIgA plays an important role in local immunity on the skin surface and mucosa by inactivating and agglutinating pathogenic microorganisms and by inhibiting their attachment to a mucosal surface (Kobayashi, 1986).
Persistence of anti-leptospiral IgM, IgG and agglutinating antibodies in patients presenting with acute febrile illness in Barbados 1979-1989.
Shariff (1988) claims that among the reasons that have facilitated this prosodic composition is the structure of the language--words appear in the consonant-vowel matrix; the language employs a variety of derivations as a result of its agglutinating nature, as well as its class system based on the structure of Bantu languages.
To determine agglutinating activity, 50 [micro]L samples of shrimp serum were added to a U-shaped 96-well microplate plate and a twofold serial dilution was prepared using TBS-2 (100 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7.
24) The Widal test for enteric fever, based on measurement of agglutinating antibodies against O and H antigens, suffers from poor sensitivity and specificity and although still commonly employed in developing countries, is a poor test and should not be used.
3], a glucose level of 78 mg/ dl, and a protein concentration of 18 mg/dl; titers of agglutinating antibodies in CSF were 1:80.