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An antibody or other substance that is capable of causing agglutination, as of red blood cells or bacteria.


(Biology) a substance, such as an antibody or a lectin, that causes agglutination of cells or bacteria
[C19: agglutinate + -in]


(əˈglut n ɪn)

an antibody that causes agglutination.
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Noun1.agglutinin - an antibody that causes agglutination of a specific antigen
antibody - any of a large variety of proteins normally present in the body or produced in response to an antigen which it neutralizes, thus producing an immune response
isoagglutinin - an antibody produced by one individual that causes agglutination of red blood cells in other individuals of the same species
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Physicians reported on the first clinical experience with Soliris in patients with atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS) and Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD), two rare and serious diseases.
All cases were also stained with antibodies for factor VIII-related antigen (Dako), ulex europaeus agglutinin (Dako), and CD34 (BioGenex, San Ramon, Calif) using the same standard technique.
Abstract 0585: "Efficacy of the Terminal Complement Inhibitor Eculizumab Used Chronically in a Patient with Cold Agglutinin Diseases (CAD)," Dr.
For example, wheat germ agglutinin can induce the secretion of cytokines such as interleukin-12 (IL-12), tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-[alpha], and interferon-[gamma] (IFN-[gamma]) in murine peritoneal macrophages (Sodhi and Kesherwani, 2007).
Data also have been published regarding initial experience with eculizumab in patients with two other rare diseases (Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and Cold Agglutinin Disease).
2003) as well as recognition proteins as LPS-binding agglutinin (Vargas-Albores et al.
Immunohistochemically and histochemically, LCs are positive for S100, CD1a, peanut agglutinin lectin, and adenosine triphosphatase.
The Respiratory Array is a general research tool that should help researchers identify recently emerged influenza subtypes, including such recent agents as the natural influenza subtype HIN2, which has created difficulty for researchers working to identify influenza A virus HIN1 or H3N2 subtype solely based on its hem agglutinin specificity.
Galanthus nivalis agglutinin (GNA)-related lectin family, a superfamily of strictly mannose-binding specific lectins, has been well-known to possess several biological functions including apoptosis-inducing activities.
Lobster (Homarus Amerieanus) Hemocytes: classification, differential counts and associated agglutinin activity.
Image FlashPlate(TM) WGA coated plates - This new extension to the Image FlashPlate platform adds the wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) coated microplate to this red-emission technology platform.
To date, only several lectins have been reported to have antifungal activity, including wheat germ agglutinin (Ciopraga et al.