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1. Constituting or amounting to a whole; total: aggregate sales in that market.
2. Botany Crowded or massed into a dense cluster.
3. Composed of a mixture of minerals separable by mechanical means.
1. A total considered with reference to its constituent parts; a gross amount: "An empire is the aggregate of many states under one common head" (Edmund Burke).
2. The mineral materials, such as sand or stone, used in making concrete.
v. (-gāt′) ag·gre·gat·ed, ag·gre·gat·ing, ag·gre·gates
1. To gather into a mass, sum, or whole: aggregated the donations into one bank account.
2. To amount to; total: Revenues will aggregate more than one million dollars.
3. To collect (content from different sources on the internet) into one webpage or newsreader.
To come together or collect in a mass or whole: "Some [bacteria]aggregate so closely as to mimic a multicellular organism" (Gina Kolata). "The first stars began to form when hydrogen and helium gas left over from the Big Bang aggregated into dense clouds" (Paul Davies).
in the aggregate
Taken into account as a whole: Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000.

[Middle English aggregat, from Latin aggregātus, past participle of aggregāre, to add to : ad-, ad- + gregāre, to collect (from grex, greg-, flock; see ger- in Indo-European roots).]

ag′gre·gate·ly adv.
ag′gre·ga′tion n.
ag′gre·ga′tive adj.
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The Office of the Special Prosecutor filed on May 27, 2013, a petition seeking to forfeit the unlawfully acquired properties of Ligot, his wife Erlinda Ligot, his children Paulo Ligot and Riza Ligot, brother-in-law Edgardo Yambao, and his wife's cousin Gilda Alfonso-Velasquez aggregately valued at P55,596,694.26.
At year-end 2018, total DPW for all P/C insurers aggregately increased approximately 4% from 2017, an increase of $33.3 billion.
It is pertinent to mention that at least 10 HIVAIDS positive cases has been surfaced in current month and aggregately it jumps to 90 around the district during the past many years.
"Abu Dhabi Financial Group is an investment manager based out of Abu Dhabi that aggregately manages about $20 billion worth of assets.
The results show that the predictors (work-life conflict, organizational practices, gender stereotype) aggregately explain 88.
'For example, while crude oil production aggregately peaked at 2.07million barrels per day during the period, the total installed capacity of the local refineries capacity remains at 446,000 barrels per day, and the need for growth in the refinery sub-sector becomes increasingly urgent, considering that capacity utilization in the year under review was merely 8.67 per cent.
Major gainers were ENGRO, FFC, OGDC, PPL and MCB that aggregately contributed 685pts.
Financial, cement and oil and gas marketing companies aggregately contributed a loss of 249 points to the index while fertilisers took away 47 points and exploration and production 42 points.
The three banks' domestic FC deposits (aggregately equaling USD5.3 billion at end-2017), sizeable foreign non-deposit liabilities (USD3.9 billion, partly short-term), and limited FC liquid assets (USD1.1 billion) could also make them difficult to support for the government, especially in a deep stress scenario, given the limited sovereign reserve assets (USD7.3 billion).
For investors, they can only, aggregately, invest no more than P50,000 in any 12-month period, unless he or she signs a waiver.
Aggregately, colour fastness practiced good to excellent results.
Although the trustees did not hold a majority interest in any one company, they aggregately had a controlling interest by virtue of their total ownership share of the trusts' assets, and, thus, their corporate actions on behalf of the businesses were subject to a fiduciary standard.

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