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n. fibromatosis, producción de fibromas múltiples en la piel o en el útero.
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Desmoid-type fibromatosis, also known as aggressive fibromatosis or desmoid tumor, is a rare neoplasm of deep soft tissues that is histologically characterized by an infiltrative, low-grade fibroblastic proliferation and clinically characterized by a tendency for local recurrence but no metastatic potential.
Originally from Trefor on the Llyn Peninsula but now living in Pwllheli, Mr Dafydd received a course of radiotherapy treatment for aggressive fibromatosis - a rare condition marked by the presence of desmoid tumours - on his chest last autumn.
Last autumn 2015, Guto was admitted to hospital for a course of radiotherapy treatment for aggressive fibromatosis - benign fibrous growths that occur rarely in the general population - on the chest.
Keywords: Aggressive fibromatosis, Infratemporal, Benign, Infiltrative.
Aggressive fibromatosis in children and adolescents: the italian experience.
DISCUSSION: Desmoid tumor, also known as aggressive fibromatosis, (5) is a rare tumor.
Tests found an aggressive fibromatosis, a soft-tissue cancerous growth that affects no more than four people in a million.
Desmoid tumour, also known as aggressive fibromatosis, is the primary differential diagnosis.
Metastatic lesions (Figure 7) and benign processes, such as aggressive fibromatosis (desmoid tumor), endometriosis or nodular fasciitis, may also involve the plexus.
The tumour demonstrated histological features of aggressive fibromatosis.
Desmoplastic fibroma is generally considered a bone counterpart of aggressive fibromatosis of soft tissue (desmoid tumor).
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