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 (ăj′əl, -īl′)
1. Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble.
2. Mentally quick or alert: an agile mind.

[French, from Latin agilis, from agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ag′ile·ly adv.
ag′ile·ness n.
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Adv.1.agilely - in a nimble or agile manneragilely - in a nimble or agile manner; with quickness and lightness and ease; "nimbly scaling an iron gate"- Charles Dickens; "leaped agilely from roof to roof"


adv move, jump etcgeschickt, behände; arguegeschickt, gewandt; thinkflink, beweglich
References in classic literature ?
Seizing the remains of Bara in his great jaws, Numa, the lion, leaped agilely from the pit of the Wamabos and Tarzan of the Apes melted into the jungles to the east.
Paul of Merely and Beauchamp were wounded in a dozen places when Greystoke rushed to their aid, and then it was that a little, wiry, gray man leaped agilely from the kitchen doorway, and with drawn sword took his place beside the boy.
He crossed the stream below the pool, stepping agilely from stone to stone.
Supporting Quotes -- "As utilities move toward leveraging the power of the smart grid, Oracle is prepared to support the industry with the tools they need to manage operations agilely and communicate rapidly with consumers for maximum efficiency.
In hindsight -- and the takeaway for other firms -- the weak feedback loop between the operational integration process and the firm's long-term strategic goals prevented HP management from testing the new corporate strategy with key customers and responding more agilely to longer term shifts in market direction.
As their business environments transform, companies need the tools to help them adapt as agilely and simply as possible.
The competitive differentiation that BPM supports can easily leave businesses too far behind the competitors who adopt BPM, as these competitors agilely respond to market changes.
And as we continue to transform every aspect of our business, Michael will ensure that we're running as agilely, effectively and strategically as possible.
To add Article 22 (Omission of Resolutions of a Board of Directors Meeting) to enable the Company to make a resolution by the board of directors meeting in writing or by electromagnetic means agilely whenever necessary, pursuant to Article 370 of the Corporation Law.
ILOG's BRMS enables global telecommunications carriers to respond more agilely to dynamic business conditions by providing policy managers, call center representatives and other business users with the ability to make and maintain changes to software infrastructure.
Enterprises can agilely anticipate and respond to critical issues such as business bottlenecks, fluctuating demands, availability of resources, rapid changes in business conditions, and new ways of doing business.
Due to the pervasive nature of the Internet, merchants must be prepared to agilely handle distribution, logistics, and international commerce issues, which often get extremely complicated, very quickly," cautioned Nelson.