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 (ăj′əl, -īl′)
1. Characterized by quickness, lightness, and ease of movement; nimble.
2. Mentally quick or alert: an agile mind.

[French, from Latin agilis, from agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ag′ile·ly adv.
ag′ile·ness n.
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Adv.1.agilely - in a nimble or agile manneragilely - in a nimble or agile manner; with quickness and lightness and ease; "nimbly scaling an iron gate"- Charles Dickens; "leaped agilely from roof to roof"
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adv move, jump etcgeschickt, behände; arguegeschickt, gewandt; thinkflink, beweglich
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Seizing the remains of Bara in his great jaws, Numa, the lion, leaped agilely from the pit of the Wamabos and Tarzan of the Apes melted into the jungles to the east.
Paul of Merely and Beauchamp were wounded in a dozen places when Greystoke rushed to their aid, and then it was that a little, wiry, gray man leaped agilely from the kitchen doorway, and with drawn sword took his place beside the boy.
He crossed the stream below the pool, stepping agilely from stone to stone.
The DON is under attack due to its inability to agilely apply focused resources at an enterprise level.
The fully virtualized, end-to-end cloud-native network will allow Rakuten Mobile Network to more agilely respond to customer needs and provide differentiated offerings from legacy mobile vendors, as well as better prepare the carrier to meet the forthcoming demands of 5G technologies.
United were indebted to their goalkeeper for keeping the scoring down as De Gea agilely denied Mbappe and Di Maria.
Whereas, the commercial electronics industry has evolved those same capabilities to agilely, affordably and rapidly produce "first-pass success future-proofed" electronic systems--both hardware and software--with much faster performance.
We believe that along with all of our employees under one roof, we will act more quickly and agilely, and take our synergy to a higher level for our prospective achievements.
Based on their study, enantiornithines in the late Cretaceous were the aerodynamic equals of the ancestors of today's birds, able to fly strongly and agilely.
- Arranging satellite R&D facilities globally, which are able to react agilely in the rapidly changing business environment and execute advanced R&D more speedily
The bigger battery is packed away in the floor, which keeps it firmly on the road and adds to the secure feeling as you point this car at corners and push agilely around them.