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a feeling of agitation or anxiety
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 (ăj′ĭ-tə, ä′jĭ-)
1. Acid indigestion.
2. Informal Nervousness or worry; agitation: economic uncertainties that gave investors agita.

[American pronunciation spelling (perhaps using t to represent the pronunciation of das an alveolar flap, or influenced by agitate) of a southern Italian dialectal variant of Italian acido, acid, from Latin acidus, sour; see acid.]
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1. acid indigestion
2. anxiety
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(ˈædʒ ɪ tə)
1. heartburn; indigestion.
2. agitation; anxiety.
[1980–85, Amer.; < Italian, <agitare < Latin agitāre agitate]
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Equally, if the tone or outcome is for more trade agita then the index could as easily tumble through the 2900 area and perhaps down to the 2850 area.
You could maybe take your mom or bubbe for Mother's Day and have an intense discussion afterward about why this show could be so much better, and dammit, now I've given myself agita all over again.
Sean's wife Agita told the Irish Mirror: "I just thought it was so amazing to have such a connection with nature and we wanted to share it with the world."
A few years back, Dubai was recognised by Agita Mundo - the global physical activity promotion network - for raising the level of health awareness among residents in the emirate.
Sombras de lluvia esta noche han venido; golpean el cristal y estan llamando; esperan la respuesta suspirando; mi corazon se agita dolorido por chicos que jamas desde el olvido volveran a mi noche suplicando.
So howz about we avoid the agita over who is going to be brave enough to host the next Oscars and just give the gig to Kimmel?
Social Responsibility Award: Agita Hauka, Chairperson of the Board of the Latvian Farmers Federation; SIA Microtikls and Zigmunds Zalenko, Handyman of Broceni Pre-school educational institution Musmajas and Youth Centre Kopa.