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v. ag·i·tat·ed, ag·i·tat·ing, ag·i·tates
1. To cause to move with violence or sudden force.
2. To upset; disturb: was agitated by the alarming news.
3. To arouse interest in (a cause, for example) by use of the written or spoken word; discuss or debate.
To stir up public interest in a cause: agitate for a tax reduction.

[Latin agitāre, agitāt-, frequentative of agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ag′i·tat′ed·ly (-tā′tĭd-lē) adv.
ag′i·ta′tive adj.
Synonyms: agitate, churn, convulse, rock2, shake
These verbs mean to cause to move to and fro violently: surface water agitated by the boat's propeller; a storm churning the waves; buildings convulsed by an explosion; a hurricane rocking trees and houses; an earthquake that shook the ground.
References in classic literature ?
It is all right, my dear; don't worry," soothed Miss Polly, agitatedly, hurrying forward.
I am in danger, I see, of being included among the whimsical fellows, which I so little desire that I have got me into my writing-chair to combat the charge, but, having sat for an unconscionable time with pen poised, I am come agitatedly to the fear that there may be something in it.
Under the stars of the blue summer night he walked agitatedly across the yard to the gate under the poplars.
Madame de Cintre was calmly happy before the world, and Newman had the felicity of fancying that before him, when the world was absent, she was almost agitatedly happy.
But I showed the money to your ladyship," said Smilash, twisting his hat agitatedly.
The clips varied from calmly standing at the goal line and waiting for the kick to agitatedly jumping, moving and trying to irritate the penalty taker.
One bystander, Kishor Kakkar, complained agitatedly that it took "half an hour for the police and railway authorities to reach the site and we had to pull out people and put them in taxis.
Having told coach Mark Hilton agitatedly that he could not breathe in the early stages, Evans deployed his backhand brilliantly to break for 6-5 and served out the set confidently.
After five games he told coach Mark Hilton agitatedly that he could not breathe and, although he won the first set impressively, he was then ill off court.
Neil said: "Some owners have described dogs barking agitatedly, staring intensely, trembling or pacing restlessly.
Since her substory was only a 'chapter,' it didn't have time to set up its dramatic premises, and its scenes had to be extra 'hyper' to keep viewers agitatedly watching on a daily basis.
Among his closest friends in the night he walks agitatedly up and down: "water boiling furiously in his stomach.