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 (ə-glī′, ə-glā′, ə-glē′)
adv. Scots
Off to one side; awry.

[a- + Scots gley, to squint (from Middle English glien, possibly of Scandinavian origin).]
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(əˈɡleɪ; əˈɡlaɪ; əˈɡliː) or


adv, adj
Scot awry; askew
[from gley squint]
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or a•gly

(əˈgli, əˈgleɪ, əˈglaɪ)

adv. Chiefly Scot.
awry; wrong.
[1775–85; a-1 + Scots, N dial. gley squint, sidelong glance]
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