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 (ə-glī′kōn′) or a·gly·con (-kŏn)
The nonsugar component of a glycoside that results from hydrolysis of the glycoside.

[a-, together (from Greek ha-; see haploid) + glyc(o)- + -one.]
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Rutin is a naturally occurring flavonol consisting of the aglycone quercetin and a rutinoside moiety in position 3 of the C ring.
P-450 content, (2000) isoflavonoid aglycone content; decreased pentobarbital sleeping time Soybean meal Complete degradation of Ilyas et al.
Since gastric juices and digestive enzymes in the intestine were unable to hydrolyzed stevioside, they were hydrolyzed to aglycone for absorption by the colon microflora at the lower intestinal tract.
2010) also observed deconjugation of BPA-G in fetal liver cells, suggesting that BPA-G can enter cells and that endogenous glucuronidases may convert BPA-G to its aglycone form, about 5% of BPA-G being reactivated after 2 hours.
Increased levels of dietary fiber, amino-nitrogen and aglycone isoflavones in the cookies also occurred as tofu residue levels increased.
Glycosides represent a latent pool of aroma compounds, where the aglycone is conjugated to glucose and a second sugar molecule via glycosidic bonds that require either heat or enzymatic activity to release the active aroma compound.
Comparison of regulative functions between dietary soy isoflavones aglycone and glucoside on lipid metabolism in rats fed cholesterol.
The exothermic decomposition of aglycone part occurs before sugar moiety.
Keeping into account the pharmacological and phytochemical importance of Solanum xanthocarpum the barries of Solanum xanthocarpum from Pakistan have recently been studied and found to contain a new steroidal glycoalkaloid Solaxanine (1) O-(3){a-L- rhamnopyranosyl-(12gal)- A3/4-D- galactopyranosyl}- solasodine which yielded solasodine as aglycone and galactose and rhamnose as sugar moieties.
Resveratrol was found in four different forms: as an aglycone in both trans- and cis-conformations and as a glycoside (3-O-glucoside or piceid or polydatin and 4'O-glucoside or resveratroloside).