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Pasta that is rolled into thin sheets, folded over meat, cheese, or other filling, and cut into small semicircles or squares.

[Italian, pl. of agnolotto, probably from alteration of diminutive of dialectal Italian agneli, alteration of anegli, variant of Italian anelli, plural of anello, ring (from the metal ring used to cut the pasta ), from Old Italian, from Latin ānellus, diminutive of ānus, ring.]
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It start with Norwegian salmon carpaccio with Balinese sambal matah; continuing through house-made agnolotti with stuffed spicy chicken in asam ke'eung sauce; braised oxtail osso buco with coconut flavour risotto; and dadar gulung with melaka cremeux, a dessert creation by Executive Pastry Chef Lorenzo Solecito.
Chestnut agnolotti with lobster is one of the latest additions, along with tilefish with tangerine-fennel broth and duck breast with kale, toasted pine nuts and parsnip puree.
The sweet corn agnolotti and pasta di uovo with butter and sage are both delicious.
The sweet corn Agnolotti and pasta di Uova with butter and sage are delicious.
Among the other 60 dishes on the menu this year will be spicy fried quail, black truffle chicken pot pie, Wagyu beef and agnolotti (a sort of ravioli) with black truffle and spring peas.
My daughter had agnolotti pasta (like small ravioli) stuffed with smoked ricotta and tossed with mushrooms and pickled onions.
Choose from Parmesan-crusted pork loin, skirt steak arrachera, ginger-crusted salmon or lobster and shrimp agnolotti for a main course.
The Agnolotti con Fromaggio di Capra--a dish comprised of roasted eggplant and goat cheese filled pasta in a barely-cooked tomato sauce, finished with firey 'nduja salami and smokey Calabrian gremolata--is so indulgently delicious and full of flavor, you'll be daydreaming about it weeks after.
When Chef Joe Bastianich invited his mom, Lidia Bastianich, to teach young and aspiring home cooks in the popular cooking show 'Masterchef USA' how to properly prepare a classic pasta dish, one contestant, Howard Simpson, apparently was not paying attention, or could not comprehend the meaning of 'classic' and added his personal flair to an agnolotti.
For the second starter diners can choose between the Christmas spiced seafood chowder with Langoustine agnolotti and caviar or a Foie Gras Yule Log made with red grape gel, vanilla candied hazelnut, and gooseberry and ginger bread crisp.
local time, the restaurant is offering a holiday meal for $65 per person that includes turtle soup and sweet potato agnolotti as appetizers, a roast turkey breast brined with sweet tea and herb-roasted beef tenderloin for the main course.