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Pasta that is rolled into thin sheets, folded over meat, cheese, or other filling, and cut into small semicircles or squares.

[Italian, pl. of agnolotto, probably from alteration of diminutive of dialectal Italian agneli, alteration of anegli, variant of Italian anelli, plural of anello, ring (from the metal ring used to cut the pasta ), from Old Italian, from Latin ānellus, diminutive of ānus, ring.]
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Hope the parsnip and apple agnolotti is on your menu.
For the second starter diners can choose between the Christmas spiced seafood chowder with Langoustine agnolotti and caviar or a Foie Gras Yule Log made with red grape gel, vanilla candied hazelnut, and gooseberry and ginger bread crisp.
local time, the restaurant is offering a holiday meal for $65 per person that includes turtle soup and sweet potato agnolotti as appetizers, a roast turkey breast brined with sweet tea and herb-roasted beef tenderloin for the main course.
Some of their bestselling dishes include the Agnolotti Tarturfo Carbonara, handmade pasta parcels with carbonara stuffing that is served with crispy bacon, diced zucchini, and black truffle.
The eight-course tasting menu trips a fantastical trail from sorrel-and-lime sand crab through mushroom agnolotti served in dashi broth, and ending with pineapple tacos.
I thought the steak and kimchi rice was my one true love, but I find myself cheating on it with sweet corn agnolotti, Mediterranean salad, octopus a la plancha, French brie, and dates tarte flambAaAaAeA@e, homema cavatelli, and corn waffle.
In autumn, pumpkins provide the dumpling filling for house-made agnolotti pasta.
Among the mains we tried, the duck leg agnolotti (Dh85), a stuffed pasta, served with white onion puree was a star.
Savor hot appetizers of handmade potato gnocchi with blue crab and black truffle, or huitlacoche agnolotti, slow-roasted Sandy Hook rabbit with smoked chilies.
He says his dishes cannot be found in a typical Italian restaurant such as the Black Risotto, which is a traditional Venice dish, and the Agnolotti traditionally filled with meat in Italy but in Di Capri is filled with purcini and fois gras.
Go for the wood-grilled oysters, fontina agnolotti, Ligurian fish stew and taragna cake.
Worcester's Best Chef, Neil Rogers of Volturno Pizza: Judges' Choice Award: Cape Cod Scallop Agnolotti (a kind of ravioli) Butternut Squash Puree, Roast Pork Belly and Oregon Black Truffle.