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Associated with or relating to great pain, especially the agony of death.
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relating to agony, esp before death
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(ˈæg ə nl)

of, pertaining to, or symptomatic of agony, esp. paroxysmal distress, as the death throes.
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Adj.1.agonal - pertaining to or associated with agony (especially death agonies)agonal - pertaining to or associated with agony (especially death agonies)
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adj agónico
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The sound, called agonal breathing, is present in about half of people who have a cardiac arrest, and patients who breathe this way often have a better chance of surviving - so they should respond to urgent medical attention.
Agonal respiration is defined as an abnormal pattern of breathing and brainstem reflex that is characterised by gasping and laboured breathing, among other symptoms.
Within the lungs, there was acute congestion of the capillaries and mild to moderate, acute hemorrhages within the airways, which were attributed to recent blunt force trauma or agonal changes.
The patient had agonal breathing when EMS arrived, so they administered naloxone (4 mg intranasal and 4 mg intravenous).
Graham Marvell "At this stage it was his breathing pattern which alarmed me the most, which I believed to be agonal breathing which I've seen many times in cardiac arrest.
patient was severely dehydrated with pulse rate of 140 per minute, low volume, blood pressure was 70 mmHg systolic with agonal breaths.
When seizure activity recorded at home was reviewed, it was determined that she had agonal respiration.
At least one of the following clinical requirements must be met: (a) history of VT/VF, (b) family history of SCD, (c) family history of coved-type ECG, (d) agonal respiration during sleep, or (5) inducibility of VT/VF during electrophysiological study.