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Adj.1.agonised - expressing pain or agonyagonised - expressing pain or agony; "agonized screams"
painful - causing physical or psychological pain; "worked with painful slowness"
مُتَألِّم، مُتَعَذِّب
angistar-, òjáningar-


(ˈӕgəni) plural ˈagonies noun
great pain or suffering. The dying man was in agony; agonies of regret.
ˈagonized, ˈagonised adjective
showing agony. He had an agonized expression on his face as he lost the match.
ˈagonizing, ˈagonising adjective
causing agony. an agonizing pain.
agonizingly, agonisingly adverb
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WHILE the Racing Post headline (July 5) on Rodi Greene just missing out on a pounds 100,000 payment was 'Agonising', Rodi's response to the situation was emphatically not agonised.
In the documentary she reveals how she has agonised over her decision to finally stop racing but will always run for fun.
For Gordon Brown, it must have seemed a way of proving the British public backed his agonised decision not to call an election.