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also a·grafe  (ə-grăf′)
1. A hook-and-loop arrangement used for a clasp on armor and clothing.
2. A cramp iron for holding stones together in building.

[French agrafe, from agrafer, to hook onto : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + grafer, to hook (from grafe, hook, from Old High German krāpfo).]


(əˈɡræf) or


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a fastening consisting of a loop and hook, formerly used in armour and clothing
2. (Building) a metal cramp used to connect stones
[C18: from French, from grafe a hook]


or a•grafe


1. a small cramp used on building stones.
2. a clasp, often richly ornamented, for clothing or armor.
[1660–70; < French, variant of agrafe, n. derivative of agrafer to hook]
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Almost 40 lots of gold, diamond and platinum blingwill go under the hammer- including an 18ct yellow gold Cartier Agrafe Diamond necklace with an estimated value of [pounds sterling]30,000.
elle apergut au pied du siege sur lequel elle etait assise, de petites tablettes de cuir de Russie, garnies dune agrafe d'acier dont le ressort etait, brise.