agree to

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w>agree to

vi +prep objzustimmen (+dat); marriage alsoeinwilligen in (+acc), → seine Einwilligung geben zu; conditions, terms alsoannehmen, akzeptieren; increase, payment alsosich einverstanden erklären mit; I cannot agree to your marrying herich kann einer Ehe nicht zustimmen
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do you agree to that way of meeting the difficulty?
They say they don't agree to leave Bogucharovo as you ordered.
We agree to keep our own secret, and to work together in furtherance of our own schemes.
69% (N=82) housewives said that they Strongly Agree to speak English with their children at home, whereas 24.
The firm's willingness to agree to these provisions--like any company that enters into a DPA--underscores that the collateral pain inflicted on any corporation involved in a criminal case can far exceed the contours of whatever sentence a court might impose after a felony conviction.
While it still needs approval from a variety of agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, the City Council and the county Board of Supervisors, the agreement would end all pending lawsuits and the parties would agree to no further legal action involving the master plan.
Responses ranged from strongly agree to strongly disagree.
23) The Service has held that this does not result in gross income to the class members, assuming the class members did not individually agree to compensate the attorneys.
For example, a practitioner may agree to perform procedures on information documented in internal auditors' working papers, such as repeating all or some of the procedures the auditors had performed.
The buyer, however, would not agree to the changes until it received a letter directly from the Patterson Town Board stating that the subdivision would not be affected by the new zoning ordinance.
The merger agreement, as amended, will automatically terminate on March 15, 2007 unless the closing occurs by that date or the parties agree to extend such date.
For example, will the IRS agree to complete the audit by a certain date?