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v. a·greed, a·gree·ing, a·grees
a. To share an opinion or feeling; be in accord: I agree with you on that. We agree in our taste in music.
b. To express consent; concur: We agreed to her suggestion. See Synonyms at assent.
c. To accept or support a policy or program: I agree with the flat tax.
d. To come to an understanding or agreement, as by negotiating: We agreed on the price.
2. To be compatible or consistent: The copy agrees with the original. Your story agrees with mine. See Synonyms at correspond.
3. To be suitable, appropriate, pleasing, or healthful: Spicy food does not agree with me.
4. Grammar To correspond in gender, number, case, or person.
1. To share an opinion about (something): My doctor and I agree that I should quit smoking.
2. To grant or concede: My parents agreed that we should be allowed to go. I agreed to help my parents clean the house.

[Middle English agreen, from Old French agreer, from Vulgar Latin *aggrātāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin grātus, pleasing; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]
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We reached Paris about eight o'clock, dined, and then, tired out, we separated, agreeing to meet the next morning at my rooms.
Chinese respondents were more conservative about the prospect of China and India surpassing the US in technology, with just 40 per cent strongly agreeing or agreeing.
Almost half (49.2 per cent) said they disagreed that a general election should be called, with 27.7 per cent agreeing there should be.
The nationwide survey conducted from March 23 to March 27 among 1,200 respondents found 37 percent agreeing with the federal system of government (consisting of 14 percent who strongly agree and 23 percent who somewhat agree), and 29 percent disagreeing with it (consisting of 12 percent who somewhat disagree and 17 percent who strongly disagree).
Question 2: The "Gender Pay Gap" is a fair result of women choosing lower level positions, part time work and motherhood over career advancement *63.04% of males agreed with this statement, v 21.11% of females Question 3: Women generally wish to work less hard than men and often choose lower paid professions *18.18% of company owners/directors agreed with this, v 15.79% of non-owners/directors *5.56% of women agreed with this, v 39.96% of men Question 4: The government should take significant action towards closing the gender pay gap *71.05% of non-owners/directors agree compared to only 40.91% of company owners/directors *There is nearly no difference per age group, with 66.67% of those under 35 agreeing, and 65.67% for those over 35.