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An extensive pustular eruption.

[From Greek agrios, wild; see agro- in Indo-European roots.]


a significant eruption of pustules
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1 Choose Maris Piper potatoes (in the restaurant, we use a variety called Agria, but they're hard to find in high street shops).
Effect of Integrated Management of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Cattle Manure on the Leaf Chlorophyll, Yield, and Tuber Glycoalkaloids of Agria Potato.
Michael says: "For chips, the popular potatoes at present are Maris Piper, Agria, Ramos, Challenger and Markies.
We get delicious Agria potatoes which we cut ourselves and double fry in beef dripping for fluffy and crispy chips.
La alianza entre clases sociales, la posibilidad del amor entre una mujer fuerte y un hombre debil y posiblemente de menos fortuna pero mejor educacion que ella, que parecia hasta la penultima parte de Los bandidos sellar, finalmente, el pacto de la nacion, se agria y por lo tanto se agrieta.
With respect to his director experience, he currently serves on the boards of Xueda Education Group, AsiaInfo-Linkage, and Agria Corp.
Agria who presents the second book in her Life in the Garden series following her loss of her beloved.
Plant Manager Thomas Modigell, who recently gave Quick Frozen Foods International editors a tour of the computer-controlled Aldrup facility, pointed out that potato varieties processed range from the early-season Zorba (which was developed by Agrarfrost agronomists) to the Agria and Russet Burbank.
One provider, Agria Djurforsakring, last year bought PetPartners in a bid to penetrate the growing British market.
Para subrayar esta ambiguedad como una caracteristica mexicana, Jose Revueltas la extiende al territorio mexicano donde "la tierra de este pais" se vuelve "tierna, cruel, hostil, calida, fria, acogedora, indiferente, mala, agria, pura" (Revueltas, El luto 247).
Este caso es la eclosion violenta de las animosidades, la agria cara de un proceso silenciado no solo por sus actores sino por el Estado y la historiografia.