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 (ăg′rĭ-to͝or′ĭz′əm) also ag·ro·tour·ism (-rō-)
Tourism in which tourists board at farms or in rural villages and experience farming at close hand.

ag′ri·tour′ist n.
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(ˈæɡrɪˌtʊərɪzəm) or


(Commerce) tourism in which customers stay in accommodation on working farms and may have the opportunity to help with farm work
[C20: from agri(culture) + tourism]
ˈagriˌtourist n
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agri-tourism [ˌægriˈtʊəˌrɪzəm] ntourisme m vert, agritourisme m
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Mounesan said that such an upward trend in the tourism industry came after Iran diversified its travel and tourism services by supporting medical tourism, agritourism, and hiking tourism.
Activities include a barangay response team competition, agritourism trade fair, boodle fight, Marian images display and tricycle parade.
Samuel Gumarin said the suspension order has affected agritourism in the province.
A plan to grow the agritourism sector in Scotland will be launched at the Border Union Show in Kelso today.
Tan sees the resort's agritourism ecosystem as a long-term goal toward creating a platform for durian research and cultivation.
As the Tourism Brand Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Sophie Ibbotson said she will focus on such areas as mountain tourism, ecotourism, bird tourism, cultural, gastronomic, sport, event and agritourism.
Outstanding Agritourism Attraction: Redbud, Oasis Animal Adventures.
Dan Saclangan, one of the organizers, said the C&S sector has a big market in Agritourism with enthusiasts going abroad either to buy or sell plants.
According to the current Concept of development of the tourism industry of Kazakhstan, the following main types of tourism are distinguished: cultural, educational and ethnographic tourism sacred or spiritual tourism social tourism children and youth tourism sports tourism medical tourism business tourism (MICE tourism) beach tourism hunting and fishing tourism agritourism camping tourism caravanning and others.
Additionally, associate membership is offered for Mississippi agriculture supporters such as restaurants who serve menu items featuring locally grown ingredients, agritourism efforts, farmers markets that sell Mississippi products, and retailers that sell Genuine MS member products.