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one who tours agricultural areas to see farms and perhaps to participate in farming activities
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 (ăg′rĭ-to͝or′ĭz′əm) also ag·ro·tour·ism (-rō-)
Tourism in which tourists board at farms or in rural villages and experience farming at close hand.

ag′ri·tour′ist n.
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The main subject of this research is the examination of how agritourist activities affect rural surroundings in a typical rural, transitional society, from communism and socialism to the capitalist era.
As well as life on the cool sapphire waters, there are superb expeditions on land such as a visit to an agritourist farm in Vis, wandering through medieval areas of Dubrovnik and impromptu conversations with local people recounting stories of the war.
From the total number of accommodation units, agritourist pensions occupy between 4% and 6%, according to seasonality.
And they were talking of possible DIYs that could be offered by agritourist destinations in the Philippines.
While substantial research has been conducted on the economic benefits of agritourism for farms and the multitude of agritourist opportunities that exist (Caballe, 1999; Clarke, 1999; Jensen, Lindborg, English, & Menard, 2006), minimal research has been conducted on consumer motivations to visit farms (Ou & Shih, 2002; Rilla, 2007).
Also, even if you do think you'll eventually want large agritourist numbers, you can start small at first and gain experience to see if agritourism is a good fit for your farm-while adding a little income during the experimental stage, then growing gently to larger numbers over time if that's your ultimate goal.
After his fruits were featured on the Travel Channel and Chef Wolfgang Puck's show, phone calls from tourists wanting to visit his organic farm prompted Boener to begin the twice-a-week agritourist venture, which charges $25 per adult (kids are free).
Thus, the dilemma of sustainable development that faces all societies takes a peculiar twist in Poland where the `backwardness' may provide certain advantages (such as `green production' and agritourist possibilities) while at the same time denying Poland the same opportunities available to the already developed nations.
Dunn (1995) noted that the most popular methods of targeting agritourists in both Arizona and Michigan was word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing, print publications and print advertising, radio advertising, and outdoor advertising.
The plaza will complement the art galleries, restaurants, recreational businesses, farms and wineries that combine to make Palisade a destination for agritourists.
More than half of those agritourists engaged in "unplanned agritourism," in other words, their experience was spur of the moment, she said.