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(ˌæg roʊ ɪnˈdʌs tri əl)
of or pertaining to the combined use of agricultural and industrial processes or methods, as in the production of food, chemicals, and fertilizers.
ag′ro-in`dus•try (-ˌɪn də stri) n., pl. -tries.
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Summary: Executive sat with Mounir Bissat, secretary of Syndicate of Lebanese Food Industries, to talk about the challenges and opportunities in front of the agro-industry subsector experienced in 2017.
The Turkmen president ordered to intensify work on introducing modern technologies and scientific achievements in various sectors of the agro-industry.
Meanwhile, a joint venture contract and investment in the field of agriculture and agro-industry was signed between Hungarian LAC Holding and Iranian Nika Basir Payam.
The Prime Minister asked Korean companies to take full advantage of Pakistan's liberal investment regime and invest in important sectors of the economy including energy, mining, agro-industry and in the industrial and IT sectors.
The immediate objective of the project, explained Memedovic, is to strengthen the processing capacity and market access of selected agro-industry clusters in the Issyk-Kul region.
The organization explored the potential of agricultural produce of the areas and to help the government in transforming agriculture into agro-industry by addressing the gaps in various value chains for fresh fruits, dry fruits, fish and dairy sector.
As food habits continue to change, the agro-industry should develop according to the requirements and needs of both the country and its residents, an expert has said.
Agro-industry in Chiang Rai Special Economic Zone is selected as the case study where supply chain redesign can address the changing business environment.
Despite being the fourth largest tea producing country in the world, Sri Lanka has appeared as a failed state when it comes to providing a good living standard to its workforce, which is attached to the agriculture and agro-industry sector.
Summary: Agro-industry has lifted millions out of poverty in Asia and laid the foundation for prosperity.
Rubber is an important part of the country's plantation sector and its contribution to agro-industry provides gainful employment to more than 300,000 persons making it a mainstay in the socio-economic aspects of the country, he added.