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The applied science of soils in relation to crops.

ag′ro·log′ic (ăg′rə-lŏj′ĭk), ag′ro·log′i·cal adj.
ag′ro·log′i·cal·ly adv.
a·grol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.agrological - of or related to agrologyagrological - of or related to agrology    
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The head of state got acquainted with the projects on development of poultry, fish farming, beekeeping, stockbreeding, camel breeding, potato growing, citrus cultivating and on organization of an agrological center, as well as on land measurement and rational use of water.
The reasons might be due to the difference of socioeconomic status, study area, and periods and agrological differences.
Chairing the meeting on agrological zones at University of Agriculture Faisalabad, he viewed that ecological zones were being redefined at micro level so that per acre productivity of the crops could be jacked up keeping climatic, water and soil conditions in view.
To be specific, environment is affected by agrological capacity ([C.sub.1]); orography is influenced by slope ([C.sub.2]), orientation ([C.sub.3]), and area ([C.sub.4]); location is affected by distance to roads ([C.sub.5]), distance to power lines ([C.sub.6]), distance to villages ([C.sub.7]), and distance to substations ([C.sub.8]); climatology is influenced by solar radiation ([C.sub.9]) and average temperature ([C.sub.10]).
Information on the geological and agrological structure of Kish Island was obtained by analyzing geological and stratigraphic reports related to Lavan, Khark, and Kish islands.
There are also a great amount of studies about its agrological properties (important for agronomy).