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Application of the various soil and plant sciences to soil management and crop production; scientific agriculture.

ag′ro·nom′ic (ăg′rə-nŏm′ĭk), ag′ro·nom′i·cal adj.
a·gron′o·mist n.
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Adj.1.agronomical - of or relating to or promoting agronomyagronomical - of or relating to or promoting agronomy
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Although total leaf yield was significantly compromised by all the leachate treatments, 25% leachate (or lower) could be considered as source of irrigation water to agronomically increase Zn accumulation in Swiss chard tissue; which could serve as a source of alleviating hidden hunger among marginal income population who rely mostly on this vegetable as source of nutrients.
The case of the overproducers also demonstrate that stronger alleles are not always better than milder ones, even though the individual impact of the latter may not be sufficient to readily improve agronomically important traits.
Conclusion: Significant differences were observed among the genotypes for various traits indicating the scope for selection from diverse genotypes for various agronomically important traits.
Mineral potassium solubilization by microbes which enhances crop growth and yield when applied with a cheaper source of rock potassium may be agronomically more useful and environmentally more feasible than soluble K (Rajan et al.
While competitors market their planters as high speed, only Case IH has taken the opportunity to completely redesign a planter for speed and accuracy by combining the latest technology with an all-new agronomically designed row unit.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance to know the genetic variability, which allows the exploitation of the genetic potential of the population for the selection and fixation of agronomically important traits (RAMALHO et al.
Agronomically, the goat sector is well-established in developed countries such as Greece, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia for the production of cheeses or baby food products.
Since white and yellow corns are genetically and agronomically identical except for the extra beta carotene gene in yellow corn, with the same farm environment we should be able to attain comparable levels of productivity and profitability.
Agronomically, some have fewer boll weight and boll number.