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The study of grasses.

[Greek agrōstis, a kind of wild grass (from agros, field; see agro-) + -logy.]

ag′ros·tol′o·gist n.


a person who specializes in agrostology
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From 1966 onwards, the distinguished agrostologist Elisa G.
By 1912, Griffiths had risen from assistant agrostologist to agriculturalist at the USDA, all the while continuing to criticize Luther Burbank.
The group cohesiveness was first noted by Austrian agrostologist E.
In addition to making plant collections throughout the continent since the end of the 19th Century, American agrostologists continued to verify the identity of the taxa, as well as describe and apply names to new species.
In recent years agrostologists have generated several explicit phylogenetic hypotheses concerning major diversification patterns in the grass family (Poaceae).