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Any of various strong distilled alcoholic drinks, as:
a. a liquor made in Latin America from sugarcane, often flavored with anise.
b. a brandy made in Spain and Portugal from the pomace of grapes.

[Spanish : agua, water (from Latin aqua; see akw-ā- in Indo-European roots) + ardiente, hot, scalding, blazing (from Old Spanish, from Latin ārdēns, ārdent-, present participle of ārdēre, to burn; see as- in Indo-European roots).]
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(Brewing) any inferior brandy or similar spirit, esp from Spain, Portugal, or South America
[C19: literally: burning water]
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It was a blend of aguardiente, a fairly rough spirit regarded as a forerunner to rum, mixed with mint, lime and sugar.
Operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group's Anti-Fraud and Commercial Crime Unit (CIDG-AFCCU) apprehended Mark Morano, alias Archie Zaldivar, 37, an aircon technician and electrician, of Kilyawan Street, Sitio Aguardiente, Sta.
The clear Ecuadorian brandy variation Zhumir Aguardiente imbues the drink with a subtropical slant highlighted by notes of savory grass that complement the bitterly brisk Amaro Cinpatrazzo.
Especial enfasis otorgo Restrepo a las trasformaciones emprendidas tras la visita de Gutierrez de Pineres en 1778, tales como: la culminacion de la puesta bajo administracion directa de los estancos de tabaco y aguardiente, la elaboracion del plan para el manejo de alcabalas y la instauracion de las direcciones generales de cada ramo con sede en Santafe, medidas que propiciaron la rebelion de los comuneros y el surgimiento del deseo independentista.
Declines continued to be seen for local spirits such as rum and aguardiente, which are facing increasing co...
Brasa in the restaurant's title refers to rotisserie (a traditional Peruvian method of cooking meat) and Pisco is the national drink of Peru--a brandy-like beverage made in small batches from the aguardiente grape.