ahead of time

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Adv.1.ahead of time - before the usual time or the time expectedahead of time - before the usual time or the time expected; "she graduated early"; "the house was completed ahead of time"
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He was therefore neither behind-hand nor ahead of time.
And on the other hand if he came ahead of time he got no pay for that-- though often the bosses would start up the gang ten or fifteen minutes before the whistle.
Besides, the Upolu is not a regular passenger steamer, and she is just as liable to sail ahead of time as on time.
We dropped to the Heights Receiving Towers twenty minutes ahead of time, and there hung at ease till the Yokohama Intermediate Packet could pull out and give us our proper slip.
Not only that but Christmas cards and other stuff are starting to appear in the shops two months ahead of time.
When traveling with a wheelchair, it's important to call the airline ahead of time.
Many arrived at the airport well ahead of time and some pack cases a number of days before leaving.
Intesa Sanpaolo had already raised EUR5bn in fresh capital earlier this year to meet the new regulatory requirements ahead of time, said the bank's chief executive Corrado Passera.
A new film, Ahead of Time, is a documentary biography of 98-year-old journalist Ruth Gruber.
THERE HAVE been two confirmed instances where private tutors, who were scheduled to be visited by the police, were warned of the impending visits ahead of time.
4 : to give ahead of time <My boss advanced me 100 dollars from my wages.
The data that was filed using the new XBRL process was much cleaner, free of mathematical errors and, in some cases, received weeks ahead of time in comparison to prior filings.