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n. pl. ahi
Either of two types of tuna, bigeye tuna or yellowfin tuna, having edible flesh that is commonly grilled or served raw as sashimi.

[Hawaiian 'ahi.]


(Animals) another name for yellowfin tuna
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Ahi tengo tres que monte porque no sabia como protegerlas.
Ambassador Jeffrey's responses for the public record were alarming and bring into question the Obama Administration's policy as it specifically relates to Cyprus," said AHI, calling on President Barack Obama to immediately recall the ambassador.
In May 2008, NYC DOHMH began phasing in routine p-NAAT screening for AHI at four New York City STD clinics, beginning at Jamaica in Queens, then Chelsea in Manhattan and Fort Greene in Brooklyn in June, and finally Morrisania in the Bronx in November.
A comparison of pre- and postoperative data in the population overall showed that surgery was associated with a significant decrease in the AHI (from 48 to 30) and a significant increase in the minimum oxygen saturation during sleep (from 81% to 85%).
Ahi, antes se oian sonando latas de cinc; pero, no habia ni una casa porque todavia no habian construido la ciudadela.
The average total AHI in the intervention group was 6 events per hour, which was significantly less than the average of 9.
The depth of the company's worldwide resources, innovative programs, and giving hotel owners the freedom to make their own business decisions is a proven formula for success and continues to attract hotel owners throughout the world," said Abdessamad ("Sam") Nhairy, principal of AHI.
Verizon said it will deploy its fibre-optic network to the single and multi-family properties acquired by AHI and which are located in areas served by the network, under the terms of the agreement.
Compared with patients with an AHI of 0-5, patients with severe OSAH were 6.
1) Offerings at the Social include, clockwise from left, pepper-encrusted ahi tuna, filet mignon and bacon-wrapped scallops.
I chose ahi tuna salad because it's a quick, fairly light dish," Peterson said.
We looked for ways to 'reinvent' AHI and began publishing newsletters--titles like Taxes Interpreted and Executives Personal Development Letter.