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v. aid·ed, aid·ing, aids
To provide assistance, support, or relief to: aided the researchers in their discovery; aided the prisoners' attempt to escape.
To provide assistance, support, or relief: aided in the effort to improve services to the elderly.
1. The act or result of helping; assistance: gave aid to the enemy.
a. Something that provides help, support, or relief, such as money or supplies: sent medical aid to the region after the storm.
b. Something, such as a device, that provides improvement: visual aids such as slides.
a. An assistant or helper.
b. An aide or aide-de-camp.
4. A monetary payment to a feudal lord by a vassal in medieval England.

[Middle English aiden, from Old French aider, from Latin adiūtāre, frequentative of adiuvāre, to help : ad-, to; see ad- in Indo-European roots + iuvāre, to help.]

aid′er n.
References in classic literature ?
Mrs Varden's chief aider and abettor, and at the same time her principal victim and object of wrath, was her single domestic servant, one Miss Miggs; or as she was called, in conformity with those prejudices of society which lop and top from poor hand- maidens all such genteel excrescences--Miggs.
The cruelty of which he had been an unwilling witness, the coarse and ruffianly behaviour of Squeers even in his best moods, the filthy place, the sights and sounds about him, all contributed to this state of feeling; but when he recollected that, being there as an assistant, he actually seemed--no matter what unhappy train of circumstances had brought him to that pass--to be the aider and abettor of a system which filled him with honest disgust and indignation, he loathed himself, and felt, for the moment, as though the mere consciousness of his present situation must, through all time to come, prevent his raising his head again.
Instantly to turn upon me, charging that I have no sense of the enormity of the crime itself, but am its aider and abettor
that it is apprehended you are going to fight a duel, and that the other man, Tupman, is your aider and abettor in it.
En particulier, l'UE et les Eetats membres peuvent prendre plusieurs mesures pour aider la Tunisie a lutter contre la corruption: financer la numerisation des processus gouvernementaux, estime Carnegie qui cite en premier lieu une collaboration avec le secteur prive au titre de laquelle les donateurs peuvent aider le gouvernement tunisien a developper l'acces en ligne aux services publics.
His dad Michael and fellow first aiders Gette Fulton and Kayleigh Frew also helped the injured.
I would like to thank the first aider and a fellow passenger who both left the train to look after us at Flint station.
First aiders must have a valid first aid certificate and all parties' involvement is subject to DBS and CRB checks.
In National Westminster, the court found that the circumstances of the primary fraud were alleged in sufficient detail, but were not sufficiently detailed to support the further inference of aider and abettor liability on the part of the defendant law firm.
You never know when you need a qualified first aider, so by visiting www.
Thinking fast, the hospital care worker, who helped set up the city's St John Cymru Cycle Response Unit last year, got an office first aider to carry out CPR while he set up a defibrillator and administered electric shocks to restart Tim's heart.
Il a dit que le Soudan peut aider a l'elimination de la grande crise qui a surgi en raison de l'islamophobie connu en raison des evenements qui ont eu lieu au debut de ce siecle a New York et d'autres une chose qui conduit au manque de confiance au cours de cette periode entre musulmans et chretiens.