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 (ī-lo͝or′ə-fīl′, ā-lo͝or′-)
One who loves cats.

[Greek ailouros, cat + -phile.]

ai·lu·ro·phil′i·a (-fĭl′ē-ə) n.


(aɪˈlʊərəˌfaɪl) or


a person who likes cats
[C20: facetious coinage from Greek ailuros cat + -phile]
ailurophilia n


(aɪˈlʊər əˌfaɪl, eɪˈlʊər-)

a person who likes cats.
[1925–30; < Greek aílouro(s) cat + -phile]
ai•lu`ro•phil′ic (-ˈfɪl ɪk) adj.

ailurophile, aelurophile

a lover of cats. Also called felinophile, philofelist, philogalist.
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Someone who loves cats.
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The world would explode.""Then what business does he have trying to be my potential mate?"Naomi Mutua, an ailurophile if there ever was one confesses that she, too, often has to fend off questions from people who make assumptions about her just because she owns cats.
Oraine Johnson, the street cred' Tommy, must be every ailurophile's favourite pantomime cat: pounceperfect, bling-tastic, Public Enemyesque, slinkily hypnotic, tutting and gliding Egyptian-style into your hearts.
Some eccentric yet notable words include ailurophile, inglenook, and Susquehanna."
Additional novels in this ailurophile series include "Crime Cats: The Dusenbury Curse" (9780692318065, $8.99 pbk / $2.99 Kindle) and "Crime Cats: The Deadly Scarab" (9780692562277, $9.50 pbk).
One regrettable omission: ailurophile, for cat lover.
Distilling a crash course about feline phonetics into plain terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Secret Language of Cats is a "must" for cat owners and ailurophiles! 5 CDs, 5.5 hours.
Critique: The Mysterious Magickal Cat is a treasure both for ailurophiles and occultists.
With cat lovers, or ailurophiles, known to take a special interest in cat-related art in museums, a Twitter account dedicated to celebrating all things cats and collections, @CuratorialCats happens to be the home of hashtags such as #MuseumCats and #MewseumMonday.
n People who love cats are called ailurophiles. n If a cat is frightened, the hair stands up fairly evenly all over the body.
The order of elements is generally in ascending order, but may be varied for emphasis (ailurophiles may prefer 636.8+636.7 for cats and dogs).
We ailurophiles are bound together in a way that transcends our ages, our interests, our incomes and professions, our cultural backgrounds, our belief systems, and all our other differences.
An absolute "must-have" for true ailurophiles, and a dazzling treasure to simply page through.