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1. Nonstandard except in some dialects. am not; are not; is not.
2. Nonstandard. have not; has not; do not; does not; did not.
[1770–80; variant of amn't (contraction of am not) by loss of m and raising with compensatory lengthening of a; compare aren ' t]
usage: As a substitute for am not, is not, and are not in declarative sentences, ain ' t is more common in uneducated speech than in educated, but it occurs with some frequency in the informal speech of the educated, esp. in the southern and south-central states. This is especially true of the interrogative ain't I? used as a substitute for the formal am I not? or for aren't I? (considered by some to be ungrammatical) or for the awkward amn't I? (which is rare in American speech). Some speakers avoid all of the preceding forms by substituting Isn't that so (true, the case)? ain ' t occurs in set phrases: Ain't it the truth! The word is also used for emphasis: That just ain't so! It does not appear in formal writing except for deliberate (often humorous) effect or to represent speech. As a substitute for have not or has not and - occasionally in Southern speech - do not, does not, and did not, it is nonstandard except in similar humorous uses: You ain't seen nothin' yet! See also aren't.
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Dey aint no tin in him, Massa Will, I keep a tellin on you," here interrupted Jupiter; "de bug is a goole bug, solid, ebery bit of him, inside and all, sep him wing - neber feel half so hebby a bug in my life.
he aint find nowhar - dat's just whar de shoe pinch - my mind is got to be berry hebby bout poor Massa Will.
Why, massa, taint worf while for to git mad about de matter - Massa Will say noffin at all aint de matter wid him - but den what make him go about looking dis here way, wid he head down and he soldiers up, and as white as a gose?
No, massa, dey aint bin noffin unpleasant since den - 'twas fore den I'm feared - 'twas de berry day you was dare.
cause de skull aint got not a bit ob a hand at all - nebber mind
Barry says he aint lazy exactly only he thinks it easier to pray for things than to work for them.
This ship aint for beasts and cannibals and worse than beasts, any more.
The old gentleman send heaps of things, and is rather wearin, but means wal, and it aint my place to say nothin.
For I aint, you must know,' said Betty, 'much of a hand at reading writing-hand, though I can read my Bible and most print.
You aint seen shyet"However, our investigations revealed that Diamond had not purchased the house as rumoured but had actually rented it from a tycoon identified only as John who is currently serving a jail term in Tanzania.
But Domino sold more than 110 million records, with hits including "Blueberry Hill," Aint That a Shame" originally titled "Aint It A Shame" and other standards of rock n roll.
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