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(Aeronautics) trademark a commercial aircraft manufactured and marketed by an international consortium of aerospace companies


or air′ bus`,

a short-range or medium-range commercial passenger airplane, esp. one that is part of a frequent shuttlelike service between two popular destinations.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distancesairbus - a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distances
airliner - a commercial airplane that carries passengers


A. Naerobús m
B. CPD airbus service Npuente m aéreo


[ˈɛərbʌs] nairbus mair-con [ˈɛərkɒn] n (=air conditioning) → clim f air conditioned air-conditioned [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃənd] (British) adj [room, office, car, coach, train, building] → climatisé(e)air conditioner air-conditioner [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃər] (British) nclimatiseur mair conditioning air-conditioning [ˈɛərkənˌdɪʃənɪŋ] (British) nclimatisation fair-cooled [ˈɛərkuːld] adjà refroidissement par air


[ˈɛəˌbʌs] naerobus m inv, airbus m inv
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More than 100 aircraft are on display from industry leading aviation manufacturers, including Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Boeing, Gulfstream, Cessna, Piper Aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft and Air Bus, at this year's Expo.
Many airlines operate on what is known locally as an "air bus system." Usually there are not enough passengers for direct flights to all destinations in Myanmar, a vast country as big as France and England combined.
During a recognition ceremony held by MEA for Transportation and Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi, MEA chairman Mohammad al-Hout said the company would go ahead with plans to acquire 10 new Air Bus aircraft, expecting delivery by 2020.
In the case of the French Air Bus models automated systems sometimes override a pilot's direct flying inputs.
This is the first time for a Taiwanese airline to partner with a major international aircraft firm, since Paradigm Transportation Holdings is a subsidiary of EADS, parent firm of Air Bus.
The first of these five aircrafts, an Air bus A-320 will arrive at Katunayake International Air Port tomorrow.
Devastating...The aftermath of the tornado that ripped through St Louis yesterday Air bus...
Le geant, Air Bus 380, le plus grand avion de ligne a l'echelle mondiale a fait un attrisage a l'Aeroport international de Charm El-Cheikh, au terme de son premier voyage en Afrique du Nord.
The airline will use modern Air Bus A320 or A319 aircraft with 12 Premium Class and 150 Economy Class seats for its weekly flights between Bahrain International Airport (BIA) and Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) in Kathmandu, he said.
Marcos Dieck ahora tambien pinta lo mismo avionetas que helicopteros y descomunales Boeing 757 y Air Bus. El 80% de estos aparatos procede de Estados Unidos, y es que su taller cumple con los requisitos de la Secretaria del Medio Ambiente de California (la mas estricta de Estados Unidos) que exige utilizar la pintura menos contaminante.
Mohamed Elmeshkhy, a senior official at Afriqiyah Airways, told The Tripoli Post that Afriqiyah will be receiving a brand new Air Bus A319 Aircraft from Air Bus Industries on Monday 08 Sept 2008.
I recently read the new barge, built to convey the new air bus wings from Broughton to Mostyn Dock, was dry docked in Liverpool.