air castle

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Noun1.Air castle - absentminded dreaming while awakeair castle - absentminded dreaming while awake  
dreaming, dream - imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; "he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"
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"But tell me now, count," exclaimed Albert, delighted at the idea of having to chaperon so distinguished a person as Monte Cristo; "tell me truly whether you are in earnest, or if this project of visiting Paris is merely one of the chimerical and uncertain air castles of which we make so many in the course of our lives, but which, like a house built on the sand, is liable to be blown over by the first puff of wind?"
Set against the scenic backdrop of a traditional dhow, children were also treated to an air castle type obstacle show on the water while their parents lounged back or took a diving lesson, comfortable in knowing that there were lifeguards on hand to ensure everyone was playing safely.
Number of Blocks & Finished Size 4 Air Castle Star Blocks 12" x 12" 4 Sawtooth Star Blocks 6" x 6"
But the Tokyo District Court rejected that, calling the scenario an ''air castle,'' while finding only Takeuchi guilty and sentencing him to life imprisonment.
Pic's original Swedish title translates as "The Air Castle That Blew Up," with "air castle" referring to a pipe dream.